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Adorable Miniature Poodle - Facts, Temperament and Care Tips

Miniature poodle is considered one of the most intelligent dog breeds. It's also a remarkably happy animal, and at the same time very sensitive and smart. Nonetheless, be careful before picking this breed, as it needs a lot of attention. What are its most important traits? What to pay attention to when choosing a miniature poodle? We have prepared answers for those and other questions. Check what you should know about miniature poodles before you take one home.

Adorable Miniature Poodle - Facts, Temperament and Care Tips

What does the miniature poodle look like?

The miniature poodle is characteristic for its noble looks. A narrow muzzle and long neck are its main features. Curly and thick coat that requires a lot of care is another distinct trait of this breed. There are several types of miniature poodle colors one can encounter. Here are the most popular ones:

  • grey,
  • white,
  • brown,
  • black,
  • red.

Miniature poodle - size and types of the breed

The miniature poodle is typically not divided into different types, as it is with other breeds. One can only find different names for this variety. Here are the most popular names for this breed:

  • Barbone,
  • Caniche,
  • Miniature Poodle.

Poodles as a breed can be divided according to size - large, medium and small dogs, in other words - standard, miniature and toy poodle. The two last types are often confused, but if you compare a miniature poodle vs toy poodle, you can easily see the miniature dogs are larger than the toy variety.

Miniature poodle - size and types of the breed

Miniature poodle - temperament

The miniature poodle is a small dog. Keep in mind, though that the looks of a puppy do not determine the appearance of an adult dog. The miniature varieties of this breed are characteristic for their attachment to a human but also for their big temperament. A miniature poodle always wants to be a part of their owner’s everyday activities. The breed can live in a very small space, which is a particularly important factor for people living in small apartments. Nonetheless, dogs of this type need a lot of physical and mental activity. The miniature poodle is a perfect guard dog - but do not expect it to be aggressive towards strangers.

Dogs of this breed don’t like spending time alone. For this reason, one has to spend a lot of time and pay much attention to them, especially if the dog is going to spend a lot of time alone at home. Otherwise, the dog will demand the attention, for instance, by destroying objects.

Miniature poodle - what diet does the dog need?

The diet of a miniature poodle depends mostly on the dog’s age. Puppies should be fed with special food designed for miniature breeds. Thanks to this, the dog won’t encounter any issues with ingestion.

The diet of adult miniature poodles should be enriched with omega-3 and omega-6 fats, as they directly impact the excellent state of the coat and skin of the animal. A miniature poodle should be fed three times a day. It can also be homemade dog food. Avoid physical activity after feeding for at least half an hour.

A senior dog of this breed should be fed with special food for older dogs. Elderly dogs need food with less calories - as the animal might tend to put on weight. But pay attention to the type of food - an old miniature poodle might grow underweight.

Miniature poodle - what diet does the dog need

What is the miniature poodle weight and size?

The miniature poodle is a relatively small dog. Adult dogs reach up to 28-38 centimeters. If fed properly, the miniature poodle’s weight oscillates around 4 to 7 kilograms (9 to 15 pounds).

Keep in mind that those dimensions are approximate. If the dog is fed with an inappropriate diet, the miniature poodle’s weight might strongly differ from standards. Remember obesity is particularly bad for this breed.

Miniature poodle diseases

Anyone who decides to get a miniature poodle will be glad to hear those dogs don’t catch diseases very often. They are also considered very long-lived dogs. Remember, though, that it doesn’t mean the miniature poodle doesn’t get ill at all. Problems with vision and skeletal system are the most common diseases among miniature poodles.

As a preventive measure, it is recommended to choose products promoting healthy teeth. It will protect against too quick teeth degradation. The breed also tends to have problems with tartar. Teeth cleaning snacks are recommended as a preventive measure.

Miniature poodle diseases

Miniature poodle grooming. How to take care of a miniature poodle?

The miniature poodle needs special care. If you don’t have enough time to take care of the dog, the breed is probably not for you. Miniature poodles need regular shearing, which means at least several visits to the groomers per year. A poodle requires checking on their hair after every walk - and removing any small branches and leaves that might have got trapped in the thick coat. If you shave your miniature poodle, you also need to provide him with clothing as a protection against cold.

There are four basic miniature poodle grooming styles:

  • lion clip - a cut based on square figure, which is supposed to emphasize the long neck of the animal. The effect is achieved by modeling the back of the poodle.
  • continental clip - the most classic and the oldest poodle hairstyle. It is very similar to the lion clip, but it lacks pompoms left on the tail and in the reins area.
  • puppy clip - a square-based cut, in this case, long hair is left on the animal’s legs.
  • modern clip - the body shaved shorter - especially feet, tail and stomach. This cut leaves characteristic pompoms, especially on the end of the tail.

Is the miniature poodle a dog for you?

The miniature poodle is a very intelligent dog breed. It’s a very skillful animal. But the dogs of this breed do not like negative external factors - they are very sensitive. The miniature poodle loves physical activity, so it’s a perfect companion for anyone who loves to spend their time actively. Don’t forget to provide enough exercise to the dog - especially if it’s left alone for a longer period of time.

Miniature poodle training - what does it look like?

Poodles are very clever animals, so with enough time given, they will quickly master most of the commands. If the miniature poodle is properly stimulated, it cooperates with the owner really well. It is recommended to train only if the dog is well-rested and relaxed.

Begin the training as soon as the dog arrives in your house. Many owners postpone the training, as the animal looks so innocent. It’s the most common mistake.

Miniature poodle training - what does it look like?

Does the miniature poodle get along with other animals?

The friendliness towards other dogs is a big advantage of miniature poodles. The dog accepts their presence as long as they don’t bother him too much. The miniature poodle gets along well with older animals, but it doesn’t mean it won’t be able to interact with young dogs or puppies.

The miniature poodle is also friendly towards cats iin the house. If you own a cat, the dog will treat it as a member of the pack - it will often observe it or encourage to play. Stranger cats met during a walk are another story - the dog might want to chase them.

What is the best leash for a miniature poodle?

A miniature poodle should get familiarized with a leash and collar. Regulated models one can enlarge as the animal grows are the best option. Keep in mind that both the collar and the leash should be lightweight and unproblematic for the dog.

The size of the leash should match the size of the dog. If you have a problem with choosing the right leash size for your miniature poodle, go to a professional shop. Someone will help you in picking the best solution.

Miniature poodle - price

Miniature poodles are quite expensive dogs. The price depends on the breeder, the color of the dog and its pedigree certificate. Some purebred miniature poodles cost a great sum of money, because of their special features. Remember the price of a dog depends on the breeder’s reputation and the dog’s pedigree.

Miniature poodle - price

📍 How long does a miniature poodle live?

The miniature poodle's lifespan is relatively long. If you provide it with a proper diet, regular visits at a veterinarian and enough exercise, the dog might live up to 15 years.

📍 How much does a miniature poodle cost?

A miniature poodle's price depends on many factors. The most important one is whether the dog has a pedigree certificate. The better the breeder's reputation - the higher the price.

📍 What is the miniature poodle's weight?

Miniature poodles grow up to 28-35 centimeters tall. Their weight is relatively low - 4 to 7 kilograms on average.