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Bull Terrier Dogs - Basic Info, Temperament, Colors, Training, Care

The bull terrier is a very characteristic dog breed. Appearance is the main factor evoking the interest in these dogs. Such pets need mostly stability and a household with clear rules to follow. The bull terrier is a demanding animal which requires a lot of attention. The owner also needs a strong personality which will help in controlling the animal. Check what else you should know about the breed before you decide to take such a pet home.

Bull Terrier Dogs - Basic Info, Temperament, Colors, Training, Care

The bull terrier - what’s the origin of the breed?

The bull terrier is a dog breed created around 1835. Its ancestors were used for bull baiting, but such an entertainment became illegal. Instead, new activities were invented to fill people’s and animal’s time - for instance, dog fights and timed rat killing. That’s when a bulldog and a terrier were crossbred for the first time, which resulted in a new breed - the bull terrier.

These dogs participated in a dog exhibition in 1862 for the first time and, over a couple of years, the breed gained a group of enthusiasts. Although bull terriers aren’t very popular, they still have many admirers.

The bull terrier - what's the origin of the breed?

What does the bull terrier look like?

The bull terrier has a muscular body, strong limbs and a thick tail. Its head is the most attention-drawing element, the shape is unlike of other dogs’ heads. Just like other body parts, it’s strong and at the same time very chunky. Some say it’s egg-shaped. One thing is certain - it’s definitely characteristic.

The bull terrier - colors

White is the most common color of bull terriers. Black dogs of this breed sometimes occur as well. Brindle is one of the most coveted bull terrier colors. Other interesting coat colors include:

  • red,
  • fawn,
  • tricolor.

The bull terrier - temperament

Because of their looks, bull terriers are often perceived as aggressive or unpleasant. In reality, these dogs are incredibly loyal to their families. They love the company of their owners, as well as playing with them. The bull terrier is exceptionally open to its environment - trustful and eager to meet new places and people.

Note that these dogs are very intelligent as well. It’s an advantage, but it also might become an obstacle for people lacking experience with dogs.

The bull terrier - temperament

Are bull terriers aggressive?

Are you wondering what bull terriers are like? These dogs are mistakenly considered aggressive - mostly because of their silhouette and characteristic, fear-inducing head. But keep in mind dogs of this breed aren’t mean and don’t pose a threat to humans, as some might think. Bull terriers are very friendly, strongly attached to people and most importantly - they like children.

Who should get a bull terrier?

The bull terrier is a very demanding breed, not suitable for people who lack experience with dogs. It’s a perfect pet for people with strong character who can teach the dog how to be obedient. Training is essential in this case. If you don’t have time for it - consider adopting a dog of a different breed.

Do bull terriers get along with other animals?

Original bull terriers had a negative and aggressive attitude towards other dogs. Currently, the bull terrier is a well-adjusted breed for contact with other animals. The undesired trait has been eliminated. Bull terrier puppies from a reputable breeder can form positive relationships with other dogs.

Do bull terriers get along with other animals?

Do bull terriers need training?

The bull terrier requires proper attitude and training. You should begin teaching the dog when it becomes a few months old. Make sure to consult this issue with a professional.

Dogs of this breed are intelligent, and they quickly learn new things. But the high intelligence requires the right person who can control the dog.

How to take care of a bull terrier?

As for grooming, bull terriers don’t need a lot. Dogs of this breed have short and smooth fur which doesn’t require brushing. Baths and basic treatment are the only recommendation. This involves:

  • ear cleaning,
  • wiping the eyes,
  • claw cutting.

Note that you shouldn’t bathe the dog too frequently - as it negatively affects its fur. Once a month is just enough.

The bull terrier - feeding

Food for a bull terrier dog should taste good and have the right consistency. These dogs prefer meat, but they won’t turn up their nose at meals enriched with vegetables.

Make sure that the dog follows a good diet from its earliest moments. You can consult any change in the food and the size of the portions with a veterinarian.

The bull terrier - feeding

The bull terrier - health issues

Bull terriers are prone to health issues - mostly obesity and skin problems. A good diet and grooming are essential. Other common diseases these dogs might suffer from include:

  • kidney diseases,
  • deafness,
  • epilepsy,
  • acrodermatitis.

What is the lifespan of bull terriers?

The bull terrier is a long-living breed. If the dog is provided with good conditions and has a good genetic make-up, it can live up to 14 years. But remember it’s not a rule. Make sure to visit a veterinarian frequently to rule out any potential diseases and observe any anomalies.

How much does a bull terrier puppy cost?

The price of a bull terrier depends on a few parameters. The color of the animal is one of them. White is the standard, and such dogs are the least expensive. In this case, prepare to spend from $800 to $1,500. But brindle bull terriers are more pricey and might cost over $2,000. Make sure to pick a trusted breeder who prepares puppies for introduction to the world. A low price is not a good indicator.

How much does a bull terrier puppy cost?

📍 How much does a bull terrier cost?

A bull terrier can cost $800 and more. The price gets higher depending on the pedigree of the animal. Some bull terrier puppies cost more than $2,000.

📍 What does a bull terrier look like?

The bull terrier is a very characteristic dog - its egg-shaped head is the most prominent feature. The head is also long and looks muscular. Dogs of this breed don't have a size standard - they can be from 35 to even 50 centimeters tall.

📍 How long do bull terriers live?

Bull terriers are long living dogs. Their average lifespan falls between 10 and 14 years. It depends on the diet and an individual condition of the dog.

📍 How to train a bull terrier?

Bull terriers are very active and eager to play. The training should begin during the first months of the dog's life. Make sure the animal knows the rules of its environment.