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Dog Adoption - Check What You Should Know About It

Dog adoption is something considered by a lot of people. Some make the decision immediately, others wait longer, unsure if it's a good choice. What should you know before a cheerful puppy or an adult dog from shelter appears in your home? Before you decide to adopt a dog - learn how to prepare for it.

Dog Adoption - Check What You Should Know About It

Dog adoption requires a lot of sacrifices - are you ready for it?

If you are dreaming of a tiny puppy, keep in mind that it will have to be trained in terms of cleanliness. The puppy might make your home dirty at the beginning, what’s more - it will wake you up at night. And probably not once, but 2-3 times per night. So answer the question whether you are ready for waking up at night served to you by the pup and whether you will despair if a wet pool appears on you favourite carpet.

Travelling - a dog adoption is a major limitation

Regardless whether you are adoption a puppy or an adult dog, before the adoption you should think what you are going to do with the dog when travelling. Will you take it with you? If not - do you have anyone willing to take care of it?

A boarding kennel might be a solution in this case - make sure to check the quality and prices of the services available in your area. Remember that an adopted dog might not tolerate the separation well.

Travelling - a dog adoption is a major limitation

Adopting a dog - what about other animals at home?

Before a new family member appears in the house, consider how they will react to the situation they find. If you already have other animals, there are small children at home - remember that some dog breeds will not necessarily like them.

Furthermore, an adopted dog from a shelter might have problems with acclimatization to a house full of children. The last thing you want is having to scold the children and controlling their play-time.

In this case, a puppy raised from the beginning with children might be a better idea. It will be able to adapt to the noise and crazy play-time - which it will be happy to partake in.

Do you have enough time to adopt a dog?

Remember about the needs every puppy and adult dog have. Going for a walk is one of the basic needs. Both a puppy and an adult dog have to go out in the morning and after you come home from work.

One of the walks should last longer, at least 30-minutes, during which the dog will relieve its physiological needs, as well as social and intellectual ones, such as playing with other dogs and sniffing.

Do you have enough time to adopt a dog?

Training - think about it!

Last but not least, think whether you have enough time for training the dog. A puppy, but also an adult dog from a shelter might not know the basic commands. They are necessary to help you communicate with the dog, but they might also saves its life.

If the puppy does not react on your calling during the walk and starts chasing a bike or another dog, it might run onto a busy road or get lost. A dog which doesn’t know the “leave”, “let go” commands might eat trash during the walk and risk its health.

Dogs are wonderful companions and friends. If you are thoughtful about the adoption, you will be happy with the dog, regardless whether you choose a puppy or an older dog.

📍 How to adopt a dog?

A dog adoption should be carefully thought out. If you are not sure - visit the nearest shelter and ask about the procedure. You can pick the dog personally or browse through pictures on the Internet.