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Dwarf Rabbit - How to Take Care of a Dwarf Bunny?

Dwarf rabbits are tiny animals that appear at many households. Because of their cuteness, many toddlers dream of getting them. But it doesn't mean that it's easy to take care of them. Are you wondering what does a dwarf bunny need? Check before you decide to take it home.

Dwarf Rabbit - How to Take Care of a Dwarf Bunny?

What is a dwarf rabbit?

A dwarf rabbit is a perfect pet for a house or a small apartment. Tiny rabbits look great and they are perfect companions - both for children and adults. Their simple diet is a great advantage. Keep in mind that there are a few breeds of mini rabbits.

Angora dwarf rabbit is an unusual breed, characteristic for its long hair. If fed with the right amount of feed, angora rabbit will grow not heavier than 1,5 kilograms. If you decide on this breed, make sure to brush its long hair regularly and feed it with a balanced diet.

Miniature lion lop is a relatively unknown dwarf rabbit breed. A luscious mane is a characteristic feature of those mini rabbits - hence the name, since it makes them look similar to lions. A dwarf bunny of this type has a relatively small head. Its weight ranges from 1,1 to 1,6 kilograms.

Teddy rabbit is another type of dwarf rabbits. The adult weights no more than 1,7 kg. Those small rabbits have medium length hair and short ears.

Teddywider bunny is a new dwarf rabbit breed. They have short body, wide in shoulders and hips. Small rabbits of this breed reach up to 2 kilograms of weight. They have medium-length hair and long ears.

Mini Rex is the second popular dwarf rabbit breed. Their characteristic fur is soft to the touch. Their ears are small. Adult mini Rex rabbits reach up to 2 kilograms of weight.

Netherland dwarf rabbit has been recognized as the smallest rabbit breed in the world. They weight no more than 500 g. Their coat is short and very soft. They are bred in different colors, from black to orange. Because of their petite size and wild temperament, they might not be the best pets for small children.

What is a dwarf rabbit?

What do dwarf rabbits eat?

A small rabbit’s diet consists mainly of hay, which is the great majority of its food. One should enrich the diet of a dwarf rabbit with additional products:

  • vegetables,
  • fruit,
  • dried herbs,
  • leaves and sprigs.

Although small rabbits mostly eat hay (the pet should always have access to it), the diet should be supplemented with special feed - granulate for rabbits. A dwarf rabbit should always be provided with clear water.

Keep in mind that mini rabbits can’t eat certain vegetables and fruits. One cannot give them garlic, potatoes, tomatoes, chestnut, ivy, elder or cloves. If you give your dwarf bunny twigs, make sure that they do no come from coniferous trees. Similarly, you should avoid certain deciduous trees such as acacia.

What do dwarf rabbits eat?

How to socialize dwarf rabbits?

A dwarf rabbit requires a lot of time, but also creativity and most importantly - patience. Socializing depends not only on the breed but also on the particular animal.

From the first moment the rabbit appears in your home, you should teach it to use litter box. The container should be large enough so that the small rabbit can get inside and relieve itself. Some dwarf bunnies learn to use a litter box right away. Others require more time and patience - gather their droppings, take them to the box to show where the pet should go potty. You can also encourage the bunny with treats such as favourite herbs and vegetables.

How to take care of a dwarf bunny?

Choosing the right, comfortable cage is crucial part of dwarf bunny care. Keep in mind that miniature rabbits do not use multi-level cages like hamsters or chinchillas. They spend most of the time on one level. The larger the cage for a rabbit, the better, in this case.

Dwarf rabbits are very lively. Furthermore, they like to spend time in a closed space where their owners are not at home. For this reason it is crucial that the cage is spacious enough.

The cage should be large enough so that the small rabbit can easily stand up. An ecological granulated substrate is the best base for a bunny. You can find medium sized ones in pet shops - perfect for mini rabbits.

How to take care of a dwarf bunny?

What are the best accessories for a dwarf rabbit?

A dwarf bunny requires various objects for their comfort. A litter box is the basic one - large enough for the bunny to use comfortably. Make sure that the bunny is provided with a water feeder as well - this way, water will be always clear. Do not forget about various objects for their teeth such as pieces of wood and other products you can purchase in a pet shop.

How long does a domestic dwarf bunny live?

The average lifespan of rabbits kept at home is up to 10 years, so it’s similar to other animals. The breed is an important factor here, as well as the way the animal is treated and fed.

How long does a domestic dwarf bunny live?

📍 How long do dwarf rabbits live?

A miniature rabbit lives 7 years on average. But depending on a particular animal and the living conditions, it might be longer. Miniature bunnies can live up to 10 years.

📍 What does a miniature bunny eat?

A dwarf rabbit's diet consists mostly of hay, and the animal should be provided with an unlimited access to it. You can supplement the diet with carrots, beetroots and peppers.

📍 How much does a dwarf bunny cost?

A dwarf bunny from a pet store is not very expensive. The price depends on the shop. Keep in mind, though, that the bunny itself is not the only expense - you also need to provide it with proper conditions.

📍 How much does a dwarf bunny eat?

The amount of food should be adjusted individually. Keep in mind that a dwarf bunny cannot eat hay if it's younger than 1,5 months. Before that, feed it according to a veterinarian's guidance.