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Finnish Spitz Basic Info - Puppies, Temperament, Feeding, Training

The Finnish Spitz is a breed of a friendly and calm demeanor. Primarily, it's a hunting dog. But in many countries, it's treated as a family companion of unusual appearance. Are you wondering if this breed requires special training? Do you want to know the typical temperament of these dogs, and whether anyone can handle such a pet? Read on and find out.

Finnish Spitz Basic Info - Puppies, Temperament, Feeding, Training

The Finnish Spitz - breed’s origin

The Finnish Spitz is an old breed, some even refer to it as ancient. There are many stories about its origins, but none of them are confirmed. One of the theories suggests the breed descends directly from wolves, and the evolution and the climate shaped it into the current appearance. Another hypothesis claims the dog has come to the areas of the current Finland along with Finno-Ugric-speaking nations, several thousands years ago.

The Spitz is the most popular in Finland and the Republic of Karelia. The breed is not as popular in other countries. Just a few dozen years ago, it was used mainly by the Sámi people as a hunting companion. It’s difficult to establish an exact age of the breed. But it’s worth mentioning it’s the national dog of Finland since 1979. According to the FCI breeds nomenclature, the Finnish Spitz belongs to the section of Nordic hunting dogs.

The Finnish Spitz - breed's origin

The Finnish Spitz - what does the dog look like?

The Finnish Spitz belongs to the group of medium-sized dogs. Its silhouette is often described as square. The animal’s neck is relatively short but muscular. The muzzle and the ears are particularly noteworthy, as they give the dog fox-like features. The tail is fluffy and curled.

Male dogs of this breed grow up to 47 cm (1.5 ft) tall at withers and weigh 12-13 kg (26.5-28.7 lb) on average. Females are slightly smaller, growing up to 42 cm (1.4 ft) tall and weighing from 7 to 10 kg (15.4-22 lb). The breed has relatively long fur and soft underfur.

The Finnish Spitz - temperament

Those who decide on a Finnish Spitz should note that it’s a hunting dog. Regardless, the animal is quite friendly and quickly gets attached to its family. Dogs of this breed like to have their own way. Because of this, they are perceived as stubborn. Despite this, they are very patient towards the youngest members of the family. They love playing together.

Remember that because of the hunting instincts, these dogs are very active. The Finnish Spitz is not a typical lapdog that spends its entire time resting. It needs a lot of exercise.

The Finnish Spitz trusts its owner completely. But it’s wary of strangers and approaches them with a certain dose of distance. Make sure to spend more time when introducing the dog to new people.

The Finnish Spitz - temperament

Is the Finnish Spitz a dog for anyone?

The Finnish Spitz is a very active dog that requires daily entertainment and exercise. It’s a good dog both for an apartment and a house. But the animal is quite stubborn, so it needs a caregiver of a strong character.

Note that the dog can spend some time alone, but it cannot be left by itself for long hours. It might get bored and try to find some entertainment around the surroundings, which might be unsafe for the objects left nearby.

The Finnish Spitz - how to train the dog?

The Finnish Spitz is considered a primitive breed, so training it might be problematic. The animal’s personality involves two main traits:

  • independence,
  • stubbornness.

Training performed by inexperienced people won’t bring the expected results. Make sure to use the help of a professional in this regard.

The training should begin when the dog is still a puppy. Start after the second series of vaccinations. Remember that there is no fixed date when the dog’s education ends. Dogs of this breed need to be trained through their entire lives.

Does the Finnish Spitz require a special diet?

Just like with dogs of other breeds, the number of meals for a Finnish Spitz should be adjusted to its age. Puppies require more frequent feeding during the day. Thanks to this, they can receive enough nutrients needed for their growth.

As the dog grows and develops, the number of meals should be reduced to about 2 per day. Don’t focus on one type of food the dog receives, and make sure to diversify the menu. Implement both dry and wet food. Special natural chews are also a good addition. Thanks to them, you can take care of the dog’s dental hygiene.

Does the Finnish Spitz require a special diet?

How to groom the Finnish Spitz?

The Finnish Spitz is not very demanding when it comes to grooming. Remember to brush its fur regularly. Do it at least once per week. Increase the frequency during the shedding season. You might have to brush the fur even every day.

Check the dog’s eyes, ears, teeth and paws once per week. Thanks to this, you will be able to react quickly in case of an infection or inflammation, keeping your companion healthy.

The Finnish Spitz - what are the potential diseases?

The fact that Finnish Spitzes are resistant to various genetic diseases is very important information. But regardless of the good health of the dog, make sure to visit a veterinary clinic frequently to monitor the animal’s condition. Sometimes even a bad diet might be detrimental to the pet’s health.

What is the average lifespan of the Finnish Spitz?

The Finnish Spitz is a dog of a medium lifespan. Animals of this breed live 11-14 years on average. Of course, it’s not a fixed rule. Depending on how the animal is taken care of, its lifespan might exceed the typical age.

Is the Finnish Spitz an expensive animal?

If you decide on a Finnish Spitz, prepare to spend some money. The prices for a puppy begin at $1,000. Note that the breed is not very popular, so finding a breeder might be difficult. Because of this, some puppies might cost over $2,000 during a season of an increased interest.

Is the Finnish Spitz an expensive animal?

📍 What are the characteristics of the Finnish Spitz?

The Finnish Spitz is characteristic for its fox-like ears. The curled tail and red color are noteworthy as well. Finnish Spitz puppies are grey when they are born, and change the color with age.

📍 How much does the Finnish Spitz cost?

Are you wondering how much money you have to spend if you want a Finnish Spitz? Depending on the dog's pedigree, a puppy might cost from $1,000 to $2,000. Some dogs might be even more expensive, especially during a seasonal popularity.

📍 The Finnish Spitz - where to buy such a dog?

The Finnish Spitz is not a very popular breed, so if you want a puppy, seek for reputable breeders. Only then you can purchase a perfectly healthy dog without any hidden illnesses.

📍 How long does the Finnish Spitz live?

Finnish Spitz dogs live from 12 to 14 years on average. Sometimes they live longer, especially if they are provided with an excellent care.