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Fish for Aquarium - 4 Best Freshwater Aquarium Fish

Are you about to begin your fishkeeping adventure? You lack experience and wonder what are the best freshwater aquarium fish? The best choice for beginners are not too demanding aquarium fish. But how to pick from so many different species? Check 4 most popular freshwater fish for aquarium - they are great in any case. Enjoy beautiful pet fish and expand your collection.

Fish for Aquarium - 4 Best Freshwater Aquarium Fish

Guppy - freshwater aquarium fish for beginners

Guppies are aquarium fish originating in Caribbean. The fish is also known as millionfish or rainbow fish. As the species is not very demanding, it’s perfect for beginner fishkeepers who lack experience. Keep in mind, though that those freshwater aquarium fish don’t like to be alone, so make sure to buy several animals at a time.

The guppy is a fast-breeding aquarium fish. You don’t want any young fishes? Purchase females or males only.

Guppy - freshwater aquarium fish for beginners <figcaption></figcaption>

Guppies are quite small freshwater aquarium fish. Their size typically doesn’t exceed 5 cm. But keep in mind that they need a large fish aquarium - best if over 50 liters in volume. The water temperature in should be around 24-27°C (75.2-80.6 F).

The millionfish is not a very demanding fish, but it needs special feeding 2-3 times a day. What do those aquarium fish eat? Mostly:

  • dry fish food,
  • frozen food,
  • live food.

Freshwater aquarium fish for beginners

Angelfish - unusual aquarium fish of unique looks

Freshwater angelfish, also known as Pterophyllum, originate in the Amazon river area. They can be distinguished by their unusual looks - hence the name. They are one of the largest fish species kept at home. They can reach even up to 15 cm in length, while their height along with the fins can reach up to 25 cm. Such size is typical for older aquarium fish, though.

Angelfish - unusual aquarium fish of unique looks

Because of the size, you should pay attention to the fish aquarium you choose - it should be large enough. It’s recommended that angelfish need a fishtank of at least 250 liters in volume. The water temperature should be no lower than 24°C (75.2 F) and no higher than 30°C (86 F).

Angelfish are freshwater aquarium fish that eat various types of food - dry, frozen and live. Interestingly enough, they won’t look down on plants, either.

If you are planning to buy various freshwater aquarium fish - not only angelfish - learn what species are tolerated by them. It might happen that the fish you add to the tank become their food.

Angelfish - beautiful freshwater aquarium fish

Angelfish are almost as popular as Siamese fighting fish.

Southern platyfish - not too demanding aquarium fish

The southern platyfish is one of the smallest aquarium fish species. Their length typically doesn’t exceed 6 cm. The origins of this species is not exactly clear, as those aquarium fish appear across the whole Central America.

Southern platyfish, also known as moonfish are considered one of the most beautiful aquarium fish, hence their popularity. No special treatment required is another great advantage. They need a medium-sized aquarium - at least 60 liters. The water should be no colder than 22°C (71.6 F) and no warmer than 28°C (82.4 F).

Southern platyfish - not too demanding aquarium fish

As for feeding, this type of aquarium fish has no special needs. You can feed it with:

  • dry food,
  • live food,
  • algae.

The southern platyfish has another great advantage. It’s perfectly tolerates other fish. For this reason, you can choose it if you already have aquarium fish species like:

  • guppies,
  • Loricariidae,
  • Corydoras.

Southern platyfish - friendly freshwater aquarium fish

Neon tetra - a real gem in the aquarium

Neon tetra is an aquarium fish species originating in South America, particularly in Peru areas. It’s one of the smallest species, as its size doesn’t exceed 4 cm. Neon tetras are very easy to keep, hence they are often chosen by beginners.

Because of the small size, the aquarium fish don’t need a large tank. 60 liters is just enough. Although experts stress that is you want to purchase over a dozen of them - you should get a larger, more comfortable tank.

Neon tetra - a real gem in the aquarium

Neon tetras don’t like too high temperatures. They do fine even in 20°C (68 F). The maximum water temperature for those freshwater aquarium fish is 26°C (78.8 F).

As for feeding, this type of aquarium fish prefer dry food. One can give them live foods from time to time.

Although neon tetras belong to the types of aquarium fish that don’t need any special care, it is recommended to provide them with shaded conditions. This way, they look really impressive.

Neon tetra - small freshwater aquarium fish

📍 How long do aquarium fish live?

Freshwater aquarium fish live between 2 and 5 years. It all depends on the species you choose. Also, pay attention to the proper conditions and feeding, as they can increase the lifespan of your aquarium fish.

📍 How often should I feed my aquarium fish?

Freshwater aquarium fish should be fed 2-3 times a day. Everything depends on what aquarium fish species you pick. Some of them need food just once a day.

📍 How to take care of freshwater aquarium fish?

If you want to keep aquarium fish, first decide what species you want. Then, choose the right fish tank and any additional equipment, if it's needed.

📍 What aquarium fish can live together?

Not all freshwater aquarium fish have the same character - some are aggressive towards other species. For this reason, before choosing a particular one, learn about its temperament. The most important rule is that you don't put predatory fish among gentle ones, as the latter might become victims.