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Ragdoll Cat - Personality, Size and How to Care for the Breed

Ragdoll is a peculiar cat breed name. Thanks to the unusual appearance, these cats have stolen the hearts of many people over the world. A ragdoll is a very calm cat, loving a human company. The delicate, silk-like fur is its characteristic. These cats love cuddling and playing. Check what else you should know before the new pet appears in your house.

Ragdoll Cat - Personality, Size and How to Care for the Breed

What does the ragdoll cat look like?

The ragdoll cat has been a popular breed recently. Many consider these animals medium or large. Their bodies are quite massive - thanks to muscles, but also thick bones.

The lightest ragdolls weigh about 4.5 kilograms, while the largest ones can weigh even 10 kilograms. It’s their normal wight, resulting from well-adjusted feeding. Ragdoll cats have a long body, with the back legs longer than the front legs. Their tails are long and fluffy, with a narrowing end.

What does the ragdoll cat look like?

Ragdoll cat size - is the ragdoll a large cat?

Ragdoll cats are considered a large breed. The cats can weigh a lot, as for household cats. Additionally, thanks to their muscles, they seem quite massive. Despite this fact, they are perfect companions, and they love playing and having contact with humans.

Ragdoll cat - what is its personality?

Ragdoll cats are distinct thanks to their calm and friendly character. Many refer to ragdolls as phlegmatic. They are affectionate towards humans. They also love playing. But don’t worry a ragdoll cat will demolish the house while the owners are away. These animals prefer walking around to jumping or climbing tall places. The future owners will appreciate the fact that these cats like scratching special scratching posts rather than furniture.

The ragdoll cat gets quickly attached to its owners. It searches for contact with them - not only for cuddles and playing. The animal loves following a human everywhere. Unlike other cat breeds, ragdolls don’t impose themselves on the owner, but only remind of their presence by quiet meowing.

Ragdoll cat - what is its personality?

Does the ragdoll need any special diet?

Are you wondering how to feed a ragdoll cat? The size of the cat is significant, in this case. Because ragdolls are large cats, they need bigger portions than regular breeds. When picking food for the cat, make sure to check the ingredients. It should contain a lot of meat. This rule applies to any treats as well. If you have any doubts - you can consult the cat’s diet with a veterinarian.

What are the most common health issues of ragdoll cats

The ragdoll breed is relatively young, so it doesn’t have a rich genetic base. The cats are prone to heart diseases such as cardiomyopathy. This illness makes the heart walls thicker than normal. If undiagnosed, it might lead to a circulatory failure and blood clots.

The disease doesn’t give any signs until the ragdoll cat is two years old. Make sure to visit a veterinarian regularly and check your pet’s health.

What are the most common health issues of ragdoll cats

How to take care of the ragdoll cat

The ragdoll, despite its long fur, doesn’t need any special grooming. The hair is not likely to tangle, so you don’t have to brush it every day. But it’s recommended to have a comb or a brush at hand and brush the cat’s fur once a week.

The basic accessories for ragdoll cats

Owners of the breed should remember about the basic equipment for the cat. Of course, one needs a litter box so that the cat can take care of its needs. A scratching post is useful as well - ragdolls love such items. A comfortable transporter will help you safely transport the cat to a veterinary clinic, if needed.

Who is the ragdoll cat breed for?

The ragdoll is a perfect companion for anyone. Everyone will love its mild personality and playfulness. Unwillingness to jumping and mischief are a desired characteristic of the cat, which usually decides about purchasing an animal of this breed.

Who is the ragdoll cat breed for?

Ragdoll cat - lifespan

The ragdoll is considered a long living breed. The average lifespan of the animal is 15 years - it’s an excellent result. But the life length doesn’t rely solely on how the cat is treated, but also on its health. Some ragdoll cats live even 18 years. These cats are regularly checked by a veterinarian.

Ragdoll cat price - how much does a ragdoll cost?

A ragdoll cat is quite an expensive animal, so not everyone can afford such a pet. You should prepare to spend at least $1,000. Depending on the cattery or the colors of a particular cat, the price might be even higher. Some ragdoll cats cost $2,000 and more.

Ragdoll cat price - how much does a ragdoll cost?

📍 How much does a ragdoll cat live?

Ragdoll cats are a long-living breed. The average lifespan of these cats is between 12 and 15 years. A well taken care for ragdoll cat having good immunity, can live up to 18 years.

📍 What is the price for a ragdoll cat?

The cost of a ragdoll cat might discourage some from having it. This breed is highly valued on the market. The lowest prices begin at $1,000. The most expensive ragdoll cats cost over $2,000.

📍 How much does a ragdoll cat weigh?

Female ragdoll cats don't exceed 6 kilograms, while male weigh no more than 9.5 kilograms. Remember about a proper diet and avoid overfeeding your pets.

📍 How much does a ragdoll cat eat?

Ragdoll cats are quite demanding as for their feeding needs. This medium-sized cat comes through several stages of intense growth. It means you have to balance its diet - which is an individual matter, so it's best to consult a veterinarian about it.