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American Staffordshire Bull Terrier Blue - Character, Diet and Price

Blue American Staffordshire Terrier provoking respect of many people. Although many consider this breed dangerous, not all dogs of this type are aggressive - a lot depends on how a Staffordshire Terrier is trained - which should begin when the dog is still a puppy. It's true, though, that these dogs are very muscular and if they want to harm someone - they will do it without a problem. Are you dreaming of a blue Stafford dog? Check what you should know about this breed. It's important, as Staffordshire terrier is not for everyone.

American Staffordshire Bull Terrier Blue - Character, Diet and Price

What does the Blue American Staffordshire terrier look like?

The American Staffordshire terrier blue or the blue Stafford dog is basically one breed, distinct for its color. The blue Amstaff derives its name from the characteristic fur color — visible especially in full sun. Dogs of this breed often have an unusual eye color — blue as well.

When talking about the Staffordshire blue terrier, one cannot omit its highly characteristic body build. An adult blue Stafford dog is very muscular and has short hair. The wide torso makes it distinct from other dogs. Adult blue staffies are quite heavy, but it’s the muscles that weigh the most.

Where does the Staffordshire bull terrier originate?

Blue Stafford dogs are considered medium-sized terriers — because of their character, they are frequently included in the guard dogs category. The dogs of this breed originate in the United States. They appeared there for the first time in the 19th century, as a result of a breed created by the British.

Where does the Staffordshire bull terrier originate?

Blue American Staffordshire terrier — temperament

Blue staffies are considered dangerous dogs in many countries, but typically, it’s not illegal to own. There are, of course, dogs prone to aggression, but it’s usually a result of a wrong or lack of socialization process and training.

The breed has good attention skills, that’s why they are considered guard dogs. The puppies show their independence and curiosity about everything around very early. Adult dogs are not afraid of confrontation with other animals, including dogs, which might cause conflicts. These tendencies are typical for males, as they love to dominate, which leads them to trouble.

Young dogs of this breed require absolute discipline from their owners, including a proper and consistent training and socialization. If treated the right way, the dog can become a perfect home companion. Keep in mind that the Staffordshire terriers develop a strong bond with their families, and they are very loyal.

The Staffordshire bull terrier doesn’t like to bark. Puppies are also relatively quiet, and they bark only when threatened. The blue staffy can make a good companion for an older child, but remember that the relations between children and dogs of this breed have to be always under control.

The blue Staffordshire bull terrier — diet

The Stafford dogs need a balanced and diverse diet. When you take a puppy from a breeder, use the same dog food at first. The diet should consist of both dry and wet food.

It’s crucial that the food is easy to digest and matching the age of the animal. If you have any doubts about picking the right food for your dog, make sure to consult this issue with a veterinarian who will help you choose the right mix.

The blue Staffordshire bull terrier — diet

The American Staffordshire terrier — how large it is?

A male blue staffy reaches up to 46-48 centimeters at withers. The weight mostly depends on the training and the diet of the animal. It’s usually between 28 and 40 kilograms.

Females are just a little smaller than males — shorter by a few centimeters and lighter by several kilograms. Because of the muscles, blue staffies look quite massive.

Are blue staffies prone to any diseases?

The blue American Staffordshire terrier is quite resistant to various diseases. Problems related to genetics are a rarity in this breed. Keep in mind that because of a relatively fast muscle growth, dogs of this breed might suffer from hip dysplasia. If you want to be sure your pet will enjoy good health for a long time, make sure to control it once a year at a veterinarian clinic.

Does the blue staffy need grooming?

The Staffordshire blue terrier doesn’t require a lot of attention when it comes to grooming. The hair of these dogs doesn’t get tangled, but make sure to brush the pet at least twice a week to remove the weak underfur. To keep the dog’s hair in the best shape, and to stress that it’s a blue staffy, you can use moisturizing and regenerative conditioners.

As every dog, the blue staffy has to be bathed from time to time, using the right shampoo. Don’t forget to take care of the dog’s eyes and cut its claws if the dog cannot wear them off on a hard surface.

The blue amstaff dog — who is the breed for?

The American Staffordshire terrier — both female and male — are for people with a strong character. Stereotypically, the breed is considered aggressive, but proper training can make a dog of this breed calm and loyal to their owners.

Blue staffies are strong, not only physically, but also mentally, so those who decide on this breed should spend a lot of time on training the dog. It’s not a breed for everyone, one has to have traits like strong psyche and consistency — only then the dog will consider the human a leader and will be amenable.

The blue amstaff dog — who is the breed for?

How does training of a Staffordshire terrier look like?

Training of the blue American Staffordshire terrier starts at the breeder, where initial socialization is performed. Consistency and regularity are the key aspects of training of such dogs. Because of the strong mentality and stubbornness of the breed, the trainer has to be strong and stable mentally, as well as steady in their actions.

Setting exact hours — for getting up, walks, playtime and feeding is very important for this breed.

Does the American Staffordshire terrier blue get along with other animals?

An improperly trained and unsocialized blue staffy can have serious problems with contact with other animals, and might become very aggressive. Because of the muscular body shape and strong jaws, it might pose a serious threat, not only for smaller animals.

The blue staffy — price

The blue American Staffordshire terrier is a relatively inexpensive dog. The prices range from $1000 to $3000. It depends on a particular breeder.

📍 How big can a blue staffy get?

An adult blue American Staffordshire terrier should weigh from 28 to 40 kilograms. The weight is a standard both for males and females. Males reach up to 46-48 centimeters. Females are a bit shorter, from 43 to 46 centimeters.

📍 How much should the amstaff dog eat?

The blue staffy needs not only a good lineage to grow — diet is essential. The American Staffordshire terrier puppies are fed with right food by the breeder. Make sure to consult the breeder what food you should pick next. You can also ask a veterinarian what and how much should the puppy eat.

📍 How long do blue staffies live?

The Stafford dog has a moderate lifespan. A well taken care of animal can live up to 10-12 years.

📍 How to train a blue staffy?

The Staffordshire bull terrier requires a proper training. It's crucial to stick to the once set rules, in other words — you have to be consistent. Another important factor involves setting fixed times for certain behaviours like waking, feeding and walking hours, setting a sleeping space and what the dog is allowed to play with. The blue staffy should be taught discipline and regularity at the very beginning of its life.