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Barbet Dog - All You Should Know About the French Water Dog

The Barbet looks just like a large furry ball. It owes this unusual appearance to its curly hair. It's a highly versatile breed. The dog is a perfect household companion, and it's great with children. At the same time, it can be used for hunting. What's the origin of this breed? Is the Barbet dog for just anyone? Check the most important info about these animals.

Barbet Dog - All You Should Know About the French Water Dog

The Barbet – the dog’s origin and history

The Barbet is one of the very old breeds. It’s believed these dogs originated from Africa, and then were brought by merchants to the regions of contemporary France. After the breed appeared in Europe, it was used mostly for guarding households and hunting. In time, they started being referred to as water dogs – hence its another name French water dog. It was because they were used mostly for water fowl hunting. The beginning of the 16th century is when the breed became vastly popular, and it began appearing in houses of the nobility.

The Barbet went almost completely extinct at the end of the 19th century. The only remaining dogs could be found on farms. Fortunately, thanks to the friendly character of the dogs, breeders started the process of their restoration. It began in the 1970s. Thanks to this, the dogs are quite popular nowadays, and the number of Barbet breeders is on the rise. It’s believed the Barbet was a precursor of many popular breeds, including the poodle.

The Barbet – the dog's origin and history

What does the Barbet dog look like?

The Barbet is a medium-sized dog. It grows up to 65 cm (2.13 ft) tall at withers. Females are only slightly smaller and reach from 53 to 61 cm (1.74~2 ft) at withers. An adult Barbet weighs about 20-25 kg, with the upper limit concerning males, and the bottom – females.

The Barbet has a condensed body build and a proud silhouette. Its ears hang low. The long, curly fur is the most characteristic feature. The animal owes its name to the peculiar beard and mustache formed by the hair. A great majority of Barbets are mono-colored, although dogs with spotted fur also happen sometimes.

What does the Barbet dog look like?

The Barbet and its temperament

The Barbet is a highly intelligent dog. If properly trained, it can become a perfect companion for each of the family members. Dogs of this breed are friendly and love spending an active time with their families. They are very kind to their caregivers. But when meeting strangers, they remain withdrawn, and need some time to accept them.

If a Barbet observes something unusual in its surroundings, it will let its caregiver know. But one shouldn’t be worried about excessive barking. After being warned by the human, the animal usually stops barking.

Is the Barbet a good breed for anyone?

The Barbet needs human company, thanks to which it quickly forms bonds with the family members. Note that these animals are strong and energetic, and they need to release their energy daily. It means one has to regularly walk and play with the dog. For this reason, Barbets aren’t your typical couch-potato lapdogs. Future owners should keep in mind that frequent walks and playing are crucial elements of taking care of a Barbet. Because of this, it’s a perfect breed for families with children and active people.

Is the Barbet a good breed for anyone?

Does the Barbet dog need training?

As with all dogs, Barbet puppies need socialization from their earliest days. It prepares them for their adult lives. Barbets aren’t difficult to train, as they are highly intelligent animals, and they love learning new things. But remember to be consistent in the training – without it, you might face some problems with the dog’s obedience in the future.

Do Barbet dogs need a special diet?

The Barbet doesn’t need any special type of food. But note that because it’s a dog, it needs a lot of meat in its diet. It concerns both dry and wet food. The dog’s feeding style should also be adjusted to its age. Puppies must receive their meals frequently during the day, as it’s required for their proper development. You can start with the same type of food your Barbet puppy was fed by the breeder.

Do Barbet dogs need a special diet?

How to groom a Barbet dog?

The Barbet’s fur only looks as if it was hard to maintain. In reality, you should only remember to brush it once per week. Thanks to this, difficult to remove tangles won’t form on the dog’s hair.

The characteristic fur of this dog also has to be checked daily, especially after playing outside. Any residual leaves or small branches should be removed right away. The owner should also control the dog’s ears, as the breed is prone to ear infections.

Many Barbet dog owners decide to trim the pet’s hair in summer. It’s perfectly allowed, as this way one can relieve the dog during hot days. The Barbet’s fur can be trimmed regularly, up to four times per year. The owners of these dogs should also remember to control their claws, and cut them if they’re too long.

The Barber is a water dog, so it loves bathing. We recommend getting the dog used to water and bathing as early as possible.

What are the common diseases the Barbet might suffer from?

The Barbet can endure low temperatures. Having that in mind, being exposed to very high temperatures is dangerous to the dog, as it might cause overheating. Regular cooling baths or having an expert trim the dog’s fur is recommended in summer. The long hair might also cause eye irritation.

Make sure to control your Barbet’s hip joints, as the breed is prone to hip dysplasia.

What are the common diseases the Barbet might suffer from?

The Barbet – dog’s lifespan

As estimated, Barbet dogs live 12 years on average. Of course, it’s not a rule. Everything depends on the dog’s living conditions and health. But if you decide on regular checkups at a veterinary clinic – you can act quickly in case of an illness, and increase your pup’s lifespan.

How much do the Barbet puppies cost?

If you decided you want a Barbet dog, be prepared to spend some money. What is the exact price of a Barbet? While puppies of this breed are becoming popular, note that the number of breeders is limited. The Barbet costs about $3,000 on average. But the price might get much higher after taking the dog’s pedigree and color into consideration.

How much do the Barbet puppies cost?

📍 What does the Barbet breed look like?

The Barbet is a friendly animal with its fur being the most characteristic feature. The French water dog looks like a fuzzy ball – and that's what it feels like as well. In summer, many owners of Barbet dogs decide to cut their pets' hair to cool them down. The Barbet is a medium-sized dog.

📍 How much does the Barbet cost?

The Barbet is a moderately expensive dog breed. Depending on the pedigree and the color, the prices for a Barbet puppy differ. The average cost of a dog of this breed is around $2,700.

📍 Where to buy a Barbet dog?

The Barbet is becoming an increasingly popular dog breed. If you decided you want such a dog, you need to prepare a lot of patience. There aren't many Barbet breeders out there. It means that you'll probably have to join a waiting list.

📍 How to take care of a Barbet dog?

The Barbet is a friendly companion of all family members. This medium-sized dog loves playing. If you decide to take such a pet home, make sure to take it for long walks, and let it release the energy by playing.