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Birman Cat - Characteristics, Health Issues and Care Guide

The Birman cat is one of the oldest cat breeds. It's still uncertain what region it originates from. But it is generally assumed these cats are descendants of sacred temple cats living in Burma. Birmans have characteristic magnificent fur and hypnotizing blue eyes. It's difficult not to admit their appearance creates a sacred and mysterious aura, which fascinates everyone - not only cat lovers.

Birman Cat - Characteristics, Health Issues and Care Guide

What does the Birman cat look like?

The Birman cat has characteristic long fur. Thanks to its unique structure, it doesn’t get tangled - which is a common problem of other breeds. The hair of Birman cats is much longer on the neck, back and tail.

The color of these cats is also quite distinct, and it’s referred to as colourpoint. It means the muzzle, paws, tail and ears contrast with the back. This feature is one of the many reasons behind the breed’s popularity.

The Birman cat is a medium-sized animal. It’s not small, but doesn’t grow as large as some other breeds. A typical Birman is 30-centimeter tall and the weight doesn’t exceed 2-6 kilograms.

What does the Birman cat look like?

Birman cat vs. ragdoll

It’s one of the most common mistake when identifying these two breeds. Both cats are very similar to each other, but there are certain small differences. The eyes are one of the most characteristic features that can help in identification. Eyes of ragdoll cats aren’t as intensely blue as eyes of Birmans.

Birman cat - personality traits

The Birman cat is very calm and kind towards humans who take care of it. In most cases, cats of this breed are very friendly and affectionate. They love being near their owners, especially if they are likely to receive pets. Keep in mind that Birman cats aren’t persistent, and they don’t force their owners to cuddle them.

Does the Birman cat need a special diet?

Birman cats aren’t very picky animals. You can feed them with good quality dry food, purchased in any pet store. Make sure to enrich the diet using wet food as well. These cats can also eat homemade food, e.g. liver or chicken.

When you take a Birman kitten from a breeder, consider sticking to the same food it has been receiving so far, for some time.

Does the Birman cat need a special diet?

Birman cat - common health issues

The Birman cat is vulnerable to a few genetic disorders. Polycystic kidney disease and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy are the main issues. Genetic diseases are neutralized by professional breeders thanks to the right tests. This increases the chance of receiving a healthy cat.

Cats of this breed are also prone to typical diseases all cats might suffer from. They usually concern eyes. That’s why proper care and regular controls by a veterinarian are important.

Birman cat - grooming tips

Because the Birman cat doesn’t have underfur, the basic care is quite easy. Thanks to this, the fur doesn’t get tangled and is easy to brush. You can brush the cat once or twice a week.

In addition, remember about standard elements of grooming, such as checking the ears and teeth. Don’t forget to cut the claws regularly.

Birman cat - grooming tips

Basic accessories for a Birman cat

If you decided to buy a Birman cat, you need a few basic elements. First, make sure to get a litter box and a bag of cat litter. Consider buying a scratching post, e.g. one with additional “shelves,” for the cat to climb onto and relax.

You might also need a carrier. It’s a very useful gadget thanks to which you can transport the animal safely to a veterinarian or when traveling.

Who should get a Birman cat?

The Birman cat is a perfect breed for anyone who spends a lot of time at home. It’s a good pet for small apartments. Note that these animals prefer a lazy lifestyle. People working from home, loners and elderly will make perfect owners for these cats.

Birman cat - price

Unfortunately, the Birman cat is not the cheapest animal on the market, and it’s basically the only flaw of this breed. The price you have to pay for a Birman kitten depends on a few issues. The pedigree and the breeder’s renown are the most important ones. Typically, prices for a Birman kitten begin at $700. Some breeders demand $1,200 or more.

Birman cat - price

📍 Where to buy a Birman cat?

If you want to buy a Birman cat, contact one of the breeders in your area. You can typically buy a kitten when it's 12 weeks old. This might differ, though, e.g. because of a sterilization procedure and the healing period.

📍 How much is a Birman cat?

Birman cats are quite expensive. A kitten from a renowned breeder might cost around $700. But cats with a good pedigree cost much more. Prepare to spend $1,000 and more, in this case.

📍 How long do Birman cats live?

The Birman cat is considered a long-living breed. These cats live 12-15 years on average. A lot depends on how the cat is taken care of and the potential diseases it might suffer from.