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Charming Dapple Dachshund - Learn All About Merle Dachshund

There are a few types of the dapple dachshund. Short-haired dogs are popular, but dapple long-haired dachshunds are appreciated as well. Regardless of the hair length, the dogs have the same characteristics. Merle dachshunds are lively and they love exercise. Remember about this aspect when picking this breed. Dapple dachshund puppies are particularly demanding. Do you want to adopt such an animal? Make sure to check what care it requires.

Charming Dapple Dachshund - Learn All About Merle Dachshund

Dapple dachshund - what kind of dog is it?

Everyone knows the dachshund dog breed. But few know there are 9 different types within this breed, and dapple dachshund is one of them. This type of dog coat is also known as merle - hence another name merle dachshund.

The unique color of the dapple dachshund is not the only characteristic feature of this dog. Note the eyes of this breed have a unique blue, or even porcelain color. Some dogs of this variety have brown eyes, which is completely normal, although rare.

Dapple dachshund - what kind of dog is it?

The dapple dachshund - color characteristics

The color is the identification mark of merle dachshunds. Dogs of this type have characteristic spots and patches across the whole coat. Depending on the base color, the spots and strips have different shades. They can be, e.g. grey or blue. As stressed by breeders, the color of the dog is genetic.

Dapple dachshunds shouldn’t be mixed with other dachshunds. Such a combination won’t result in a healthy dog, and the puppies might suffer from genetic disorders.

What is the temperament of a dapple dachshund?

Merle dachshunds are individualists. Even though they are medium-sized dogs, they are quite brave in various situations. Independence is their characteristic trait.

Dapple dachshunds aren’t typical lapdogs. They need a lot of exercise, and frequent walks are a perfect entertainment for them. Keep in mind these dogs have a hunter’s instinct. Make sure to start training the dog when it’s still a puppy and teach it the basic commands. Thanks to them, the dog will be easier to manage during walks.

Long haired merle dachshund is a very intelligent, but also stubborn breed. The future owner has to prepare for intense training to teach the dog obedience and necessary commands.

What is the temperament of a dapple dachshund?

The dapple dachshund - who is the dog for?

Dapple dachshunds need a lot of attention - they are perfect partners for every family. Remember they need a lot of exercise because of their energetic character. Frequent walks are recommended - thanks to them, the dog can release its energy, but also keep its health and weight in check. Those who don’t have time for this or spend most of the day away from home, shouldn’t get such a lively animal.

What does the dapple dachshund eat?

Are you wondering how to feed your dapple dachshund? Dachshunds should receive a special mix, proper for their age. Breeders feed the dogs with special food fit to their age. Sometimes, when buying a puppy, you can count on receiving a bag of dog food among other puppy supplies. You can also consult the breeder and ask what kind of mix has the dog been receiving so far, and what the next recommended step is.

Does a dapple dachshund need a lot of exercise?

Dapple dachshunds are very active animals. It’s definitely not a breed for those who dislike going for walks. Dapple dachshund puppies are very energetic and require a lot of attention. Adult dogs aren’t likely to just lie on a sofa as well - they need a lot of exercise, which can take the form of walks and playing outside.

Does a dapple dachshund need a lot of exercise?

What are the most common diseases of the dapple dachshund?

Merle dachshunds, just like other dachshunds, commonly suffer from spine issues. The problem results from their characteristic body build and short legs. Dachshunds are also prone to adrenocortical glands’ hyperactivity. Because of this, the dog might drink and pass urine more frequently and develop skin rashes, as well as a flabby stomach.

The dapple dachshund - lifespan

The long haired merle dachshund is considered a long-living breed. If you provide the dog with good conditions and make sure it doesn’t strain its spine, it might live well over 10 years. On average, dogs of this breed live 13 years.

Is a dapple dachshund expensive?

A dapple long-haired dachshund is an average expense. Keep in mind that the price of a puppy depends on its colors. If the coat is standard, you might expect to spend around $400 for a merle dachshund. But, as stressed by breeders, more interesting coat and eye colors result in a higher price. Dapple dachshund puppies can even cost $1,500.

Is a dapple dachshund expensive?

📍 What does a dapple dachshund look like?

The dapple long-haired dachshund's name results from its characteristic colors, also referred to as merle. The dog's body is full of distinct spots and patches. Depending on the base color, the spots have different shades.

📍 Who should get a dapple dachshund?

Dachshunds are incredibly warm and sociable animals. They are perfect for anyone - but keep in mind they love exercise, therefore you should provide it to them. If you keep the dog inside, make sure to take it for walks frequently.

📍 How long does the dapple dachshund live?

The merle dachshund is a long-living breed. It means that if provided with good conditions, the animal can live up to 13 years.

📍 How much does a merle dachshund cost?

Dapple dachshunds for sale can cost even $1,500. The higher price of a dog is a result of its color, but also pedigree certificate.