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Cute Pekingese - Temperament and Grooming of the Peke Dog

Pekingese dogs belong to the oldest dog breeds in the world. This friendly looking dog has stolen the hearts of many enthusiasts all over the world. The breed is perfect for home, it's a perfect sofa companion. Pekingese don't like exercise or playing. If you decide on a Peke dog, keep its magnificent looks in mind, as well as the character - proud and confident. As breeders stress, these dogs will never be fully obedient. Check what are the characteristic traits of the Pekingese dog and what kind of care it needs. We have prepared all the necessary facts you should know before you decide on this breed.

Cute Pekingese - Temperament and Grooming of the Peke Dog

What does the Pekingese dog look like?

The Pekingese dog is a small animal that measures about 20 centimeters. Depending on the diet, its weight can reach up to 5 kilograms. But obese dogs can get much heavier. Most importantly, these dogs have long hair that requires a lot of grooming. Pekingese dogs have various colors - they can be plain or mixed.

What are the types of the Pekingese dog?

The Pekingese, also called the Peke dog, is one of the oldest small dog breeds in the world. Interestingly enough, this breed is not divided into any types, which might be a significant fact for those who are considering getting such a pet. There is just one type of Pekingese dogs, without any varieties.

What are the types of the Pekingese dog?

The Pekingese dog - temperament and personality

The Pekingese dog is sometimes referred to as a royal breed. This type of dogs isn’t a fan of exercise and playing. As for moving around, it’s not very demanding - a few walks during the day is just enough. What’s more important, the Peke dog is rather calm and doesn’t like to bark.

The Pekingese dog is perfect for a house with small children. It also accepts other animal, which is a big advantage. While Pekingese aren’t guard dogs, they are quite brave, and if the situation requires it - combative.

What is the best diet for Pekingese dogs?

If you have a Pekingese puppy, use food providing enough nutrients. When picking the food, you have to keep in mind the breed isn’t very active, so a protein-rich diet is not recommended. You can feed the dog with both dry and wet food. What’s more, you can pick homemade dog food for one of the meals, provided that the ingredients are well-balanced.

Remember that Pekingese dogs are likely to get obese. When picking food and planning meals, keep that in mind.

What is the size and weight of Pekingese dogs?

The Pekingese dog typically reaches up to 20 centimeters, and its average weight is about 5 kilograms. The weight differs depending on the diet - but make sure the dog doesn’t exceed the acceptable body mass, as it might harm its health and lead to many diseases.

What is the size and weight of Pekingese dogs?

Is the Pekingese prone to diseases?

The Pekingese isn’t likely to get seriously sick. But owners of these dogs have to remember that they might have breathing difficulties because of the short nose - make sure to control this issue regularly.

Another most common issue of Pekingese dogs is problem with eyes. Because of their bulgy and round shape, they are prone to diseases, as well as accidents.

Remember that these dogs aren’t used to a lot of exercise, so long walks aren’t recommended. Pekingese dogs should also avoid climbing stairs and jumping from heights.

Pekingese grooming needs

Taking care of a Pekingese dog might be quite demanding - mostly because of the very long hair. It has a tendency to get tangled, so brushing it out is crucial. Make sure to do it at least a few times a week to avoid serious neglect.

Bathing is recommended whenever needed. Use a special dog shampoo. You can use a special conditioner for long-haired dogs afterwards.

Additionally, you should pay a special attention to cleaning the folds on your Pekingese dog’s facial skin folds - especially in summer. While taking care of the eyes, make sure to remove the discharge, which might lead to skin irritation after drying.

Pekingese grooming needs

Who is the Pekingese dog best for?

The Pekingese dog is a breed accustomed to a calm lifestyle. The animal feels great at home, where it can lie down on a sofa or its bed. The Peke dog doesn’t require much exercise, a few walks a day to take care of its needs and breathe fresh air will suffice.

How to train the Pekingese dog?

The Pekingese dog is very independent and has a strong character. The breed is not suitable for those who demand a complete obedience and reacting to commands from a dog. Pekingese dogs require a specialist in training, as they might pose some issues while training.

A strong character of the animal doesn’t mean the dog cannot be properly trained and become a well-behaved pet. A Pekingese puppy should get to know the rules right at the beginning. The training process begins while the pet is still a puppy. Nonetheless, don’t demand complicated tricks or commands from this breed. The Peke dog shouldn’t have problems with easy commands - but make sure to be gentle during the training. Exercise consequence and patience.

Does the Pekingese dog get along with other animals?

Pekingese dogs aren’t aggressive towards other animals. The dog gets socialized with other animals right at the beginning, while it’s a puppy at the breeder. Thanks to this, they can tolerate other dogs and even cats.

What is the best leash for the Pekingese dog?

The Pekingese dogs need walks that won’t tire them. A collar is not recommended, in this case - it might press on the trachea, causing the dog to choke. A well-fitted harness is the best solution. When picking a leash, make sure it’s not too heavy for the dog.

The Pekingese dog - how much does it cost?

The price of a Pekingese dog depends on its lineage and color. You can buy a Pekingese puppy for $500-$750. But the price for a dog with a unique color might be as high as $3,000.

The Pekingese dog - how much does it cost?

📍 What does the Pekingese dog look like?

The Pekingese has oriental looks. The head attached to a short and thick neck is the most characteristic element. The Peke dog has a nose located basically between the eyes, which are bulgy and round. The average height of these dogs is about 20 centimeters with the weight of 5 kilograms.

📍 How long do Pekingese dogs live?

The long lifespan of Pekingese dogs is one of the biggest advantages of this breed. They are also relatively resistant to illnesses. These dogs live up to 12-14 years, but there are exceptions. The record-holder in this category lived for 20 years.

📍 What should Pekingese dogs eat?

The Pekingese dog should be fed with a well-balanced diet. At first, you should feed the dog with the same food used by the breeder. Then, you can gradually introduce food from a new brand. You can also consult the diet with a veterinarian.

📍 How much should a Pekingese dog eat?

A Pekingese dog should receive food depending on its age. The dog should eat up to 2 times a day. Keep in mind that the breed has a tendency to obesity, so avoid feeding your pet between meals.