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Fantastic Fox Terrier - Types, Lifespan, Puppies, Temperament, Prices

The fox terrier is a small and agile dog. It is characterized by bravery and relentlessness, typical for hunting dogs. Despite its relatively small size, it's quite confident, also towards other, larger dogs. Training plays a key role in raising such an animal. It's a perfect breed for every active person who can provide enough opportunities to use the unyielding energy. Check what else you should know about fox terriers.

Fantastic Fox Terrier - Types, Lifespan, Puppies, Temperament, Prices

Where do fox terriers come from?

The fox terrier is a dog of quite a long history. It has been made by crossbreeding of various types of terriers, which were always highly popular in England. More precisely, it’s a mix of bull terrier and Manchester terrier. They were used mainly in hunting, including fox hunting. Currently, fox terriers are perfect pet companions.

Note that the breed’s main purpose used to be hunting. As pets, they have a lot of energy, and they need help with releasing it. They are also very strong and agile. Despite the small stature, their bones are quite thick.

Where do fox terriers come from?

What does a fox terrier look like?

The fox terrier is a relatively small breed. Males’ typical height is about 35-39 cm (13.8-15.4 in) at withers, with the weight of 7-9 kilograms (15-20 lb). Females are only slightly smaller - they are 33-35 cm (13-13.8 in) tall at withers and weigh 6-8 kilograms (13-17.6 lb). As for the color, white is the dominating one. The dog also has brown and black spots. The fur is relatively short.

Note that the breed can be divided into two sub-breeds that differ between each other mostly by hair length. Here are the two main fox terrier types:

  • smooth fox terrier,
  • wire fox terrier.

What does a fox terrier look like?

Fox terrier - temperament

Despite their strong temperament, fox terrier dogs become strongly attached to their owners. They are very caring, energetic and spontaneous animals. Because of their character, they love playing and going for walks. They are also great in contact with the youngest member of the family.

Those who value peace and quiet definitely shouldn’t adopt a fox terrier. It’s not a typical homebody dog that loves lying on a sofa for days. It needs to use its high energy levels, so frequent walks and playing are essential. Dogs of this breed are very intelligent. It’s particularly crucial in training. They quickly grasp various commands and orders.

The fox terrier doesn’t have issues with interacting with strangers. But note that it might remain cautious around new people. Make sure to introduce your pet with your guests, thanks to this the dog will be much calmer.

Is the fox terrier a good dog for everyone?

The fox terrier is a highly vigorous dog, which makes it a perfect breed for people loving spending time away from home. It has a lot of energy, so the owner should often go for walks and play with the dog. Most importantly, dogs of this breed have a very good contact with the youngest family members. They love children and enjoy playing with them.

A dog like this feels best in a house with a garden - that’s plenty of space to run and play. It doesn’t mean, though, that you can’t keep a fox terrier in an apartment. Just increase the number of walks and intensify activities.

Is the fox terrier a good dog for everyone?

Training a fox terrier

Training is crucial for a fox terrier. But, the process requires the right attitude, as these dogs are very intelligent, and can be stubborn, too. If you decide to introduce a fox terrier puppy to a house with other animals, make sure to socialize them as soon as possible. Dogs of this breed might have issues with accepting cats or other dogs, but if properly socialized - they might get along with each other perfectly. But it doesn’t mean a fox terrier will accept other cats and dogs during walks.

How to feed a fox terrier?

The diet of a fox terrier needs to be well-balanced, so that the dog doesn’t get obese. The portions and their energy value must be adjusted according to the dog’s age. An adult fox terrier needs only two standard meals per day.

Remember to wait at least two hours after feeding the dog before it can get active again. Otherwise, it might lead to a twisted stomach.

Dogs of this breed love eating, and consume their meals at light speed. Special slow feeding mats might be a good solution for feeding time.

How to groom a fox terrier?

Depending on the breed’s variety, fox terriers require a different way of grooming. The wire fox terrier is definitely more difficult to take care of than the smooth fox terrier. The latter needs brushing once a week, while the wire type has to be brushed 2-3 times per week.

Don’t forget to cleanse the dog’s eyes, wash its ears and cut its claws regularly. You can do it yourself or take the pet to a specialist, who will take care of the dog professionally.

How to groom a fox terrier?

What are the common diseases of fox terriers?

The fox terrier is vulnerable to various ailments. Make sure to control the dog’s health since a puppy, and visit a veterinarian regularly. Here are the most common diseases the fox terrier might suffer from:

  • congenital megaesophagus,
  • heart diseases (tetralogy of Fallot),
  • hereditary cerebellar ataxia,
  • skin issues (atopic dermatitis),
  • skin cancer,
  • seizure.

The fox terrier might have frequent issues with inner ear and eyes. Cataracts and lens issues are common.

Fox terrier - lifespan

Dogs of this breed live relatively long. The lifespan is affected by the health state and diet. A well-tended dog whose health is controlled regularly by the owner can live up to 15 years.

Fox terrier - price

The fox terrier is not expensive, considering it’s a purebred dog. It costs about $700. Depending on the color, the pedigree and the breeder, the prices might be higher. The most expensive fox terrier puppies from reputable breeders cost over $2,000.

Fox terrier - price

📍 Fox terrier - what does it look like?

The fox terrier is a small animal. Thanks to its characteristic appearance, it cannot be mistaken with anything else. Dogs of this breed have short fur and a tail pointing upwards. The long snout of the fox terrier is also very characteristic.

📍 How much do fox terriers cost?

The fox terrier can be purchased for $700. The prices might be higher, depending on the pedigree. The most expensive dogs of this breed cost more than $2,000.

📍 How long do fox terriers live?

The fox terrier lives 12-15 years on average. The lifespan is affected by the health of a particular dog and how it's taken care for. Frequent checkups at a veterinary clinic are recommended.

📍 What should a fox terrier eat?

The dog's diet should be adjusted according to its size and development stage. Take the physical activity level into consideration as well. Dry and wet meat-rich dog food is ideal. You can also implement a mixed diet.