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Top Facts About Dalmatians - Temperament, Lifespan, Puppies, Prices

The dalmatian is an incredibly friendly dog that likes company and playing. It's very cheerful and has a calm temperament. Dalmatians get quickly attached to their owners and don't like spending time without them. Because of this, they require a lot of attention. Are dalmatians good dogs for everyone? How demanding is this breed? Find out before you take such a pet home.

Top Facts About Dalmatians - Temperament, Lifespan, Puppies, Prices

The origins of the dalmatian dog

The breed’s origins aren’t entirely clear, and many dog experts have various assumptions and theories. One claim suggests the dalmatian is an antique, over 4 thousand years old breed which first appeared in Ancient Greece. This might explain these animals’ high resistance to hot temperatures.

  • Another theory claims that these dogs are much younger and originated around 18th century in Croatia. The name of the animals is supposed to relate to the area in this country – Dalmatia.
  • Some experts propose that the name of the animal derives from Jurij Dalmatin, who was gifted with these dogs by Czechs.

The breed’s standard was approved in 1882. A large-scale breeding began before World War Two, but because of the conflict, it had to be reestablished in 1968. Currently, the dalmatian is highly popular among enthusiasts of unusual dogs.

The origins of the dalmatian dog

What does the dalmatian look like?

The dalmatian is a large dog. Males weigh up to 32 kilograms (70.5 lb) and are up to 61 centimeters (2 ft) tall at withers. Females are only slightly smaller, weight circa 24 kilograms (52.9 lb) and grow up to 59 centimeters (1.9 ft) tall at withers.

Dogs of this breed have a characteristic plain, but muscular silhouette. Their tails are long and stretched out. The head is conical and connected to a strong neck. But these dogs are recognizable mostly thanks to their peculiar colors. Their fur is white, short, and dense, with black spots all over the body. Newly born dalmatian puppies may be plain white, and the spots appear as they age.

The dalmatian – temperament

Are you wondering whether dalmatians are good dogs? These animals have a peculiar personality. Despite their body type, they are highly vigorous and energetic. Dalmatians feel best around people they know well. Their temperament is very mild, which makes them perfect companions for the youngest family members. But they don’t like pushy behavior.

The dalmatian – temperament

Is the dalmatian a dog for anyone?

Because of its high exercise needs, the dalmatian is not the best breed for people who don’t like moving around. But it’s perfect for those who love spending time outdoors, running or riding a bike. The owner should be assertive, as the breed requires proper training.

The dalmatian doesn’t like being left home alone. It’s a dog that can spend their time both in a house with a yard, and in an apartment. Dalmatians aren’t usually noisy. But make sure to regularly take the dog for long walks.

Does the dalmatian require training?

A dalmatian’s training has to begin during its puppyhood. Thanks to this, the dog will be well-behaved and learn all necessary commands. If the owner is not assertive enough, the dog’s behavior will show it, as it might get more stubborn. We recommend using professional help during the first stages of training.

Does the dalmatian require training?

How to feed a dalmatian?

The dalmatian should be fed according to the breeder’s suggestions and its age. The number of meals for a dalmatian puppy is typically 3-4. As the dog grows and becomes adult, the number of meals per day should get limited.

Portions and their energy value has to match the animal’s physical activity level. If the dog trains, goes for walks and plays every day, the number of calories has to be higher. Various brands offer diversified food, and dalmatians are eager to eat all kinds of meat – poultry, beef, or goose. If the dog doesn’t suffer from allergies, one can change the food type from time to time, to make it more interesting for the dog.

Dalmatian – grooming and care

Dalmatians are easy to groom. The short hair has to be brushed once per week, to keep it shiny. You can use either a special deshedding glove, or a traditional brush for dogs.

The dog can be bathed only if it’s really dirty. If you want to remove dust from fur, you can use a damp towel. Make sure to take care of the dog’s ears, as they have to be controlled regularly.

Dalmatians tend to suffer from dental issues, so make sure to take care of the pet’s teeth. Giving the dog special treats that help with dental care is a good solution.

Dalmatian – grooming and care

The dalmatian – is this breed vulnerable to diseases?

Dalmatians aren’t animals of the longest average lifespan. They are vulnerable to various diseases. Proper diet and regular checkups at the veterinarian are crucial for taking care of dalmatians.

The following list contains the most common illnesses of dogs of this breed:

  • urolithiasis,
  • spine diseases,
  • ear infections,
  • kidney infections,
  • food allergies,
  • joint diseases.

Thanks to regular checkups at the veterinarian, most diseases can be counteracted, and the pet’s lifespan increases.

How long do dalmatians live?

A typical lifespan of a dalmatian is 13 years. Of course, life expectancy depends on the conditions the animal lives in, the diet it is fed, and any diseases it suffers from. 13 years is not a rule – many (majority) dogs live shorter, while some live beyond that margin.

How much does a dalmatian cost?

The price for a dog of this breed depends mostly on the breeder, as well as the animal’s pedigree. A typical price for a dalmatian puppy starts at $600. Some offers even exceed $2,000. Make sure to pick trusted, reputable breeders. This way, you avoid taking a sickly pet home.

How much does a dalmatian cost?

📍 What does the dalmatian look like?

The dalmatian is included in the group of large animals. It has characteristic fur – white with small black spots. The pet has a muscular silhouette and weighs a lot. It looks very elegant.

📍 How much does an adult dalmatian weigh?

Males of this breed weigh from 15 to 32 kilograms (33-70 lb). Females are lighter and weigh between 16 and 24 kilograms (35-53 lb). A lot depends on the individual body build of the animal, its diet, and everyday activities. But adult dogs shouldn't weigh more than the recommended upper limit, otherwise, they might get obese and suffer from many other issues.

📍 The dalmatian – what is its lifespan?

The dalmatian is not a long-living dog. It is estimated that the average lifespan of these animals is from 10 to maximally 13 years. The better conditions provided to the dog and more frequent medical checkups, the greater chance the dog will live longer.

📍 What is a standard dalmatian price?

The price for a dalmatian puppy depends mostly on the animal's pedigree. A puppy costs about $700-$1,000. But some breeders set much higher prices for their dogs.