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Is Ragamuffin a Cat for You? Learn Top Facts About Ragamuffins

Cats are usually loners that prefer to do their own things, and only sometimes want to play with their caregivers. But Ragamuffins are quite different. People who have cats of this breed praise them for many skills not typical of other cats. Ragamuffins can walk on a leash, and greet their family at the door. Interestingly enough, they can also be taught simple commands. Check what else you should know about this breed.

Is Ragamuffin a Cat for You? Learn Top Facts About Ragamuffins

The Ragamuffin cat - characteristics

The history of Ragamuffin cats reaches the areas of the southern parts of the United States and is closely related to a different breed of cats - ragdoll. In the 60s, breeders tried to create a new cat variety, and the ragdoll was the result. But because of the strict rules concerning these cats, many gave up breeding them.

In 1994, breeders began crossing the ragdoll with other breeds - Persian cats, Himalayan cats, Turkish Angoras, as well as regular non-breed cats. The goal was to depart from the ragdoll’s appearance and create a friendly and calm breed.

The Ragamuffin was officially registered in the CFA in 2003, so it’s a relatively new cat breed.

The Ragamuffin cat - characteristics

What does the Ragamuffin look like?

Male Ragamuffins are usually between 22 and 30 cm (0.7-1 ft) tall and weigh between 5 and 10 kg (11-22 lb). Females are just as tall, but much lighter - they typically weigh between 4 and 7 kilograms (8.8-15.4 lb).

Ragamuffins are quite muscular cats, but their fluffy tails give them a delicate appearance. To many, the fur of this breed resembles rabbit’s hair. It’s very nice to the touch.

What does the Ragamuffin look like?

Ragamuffin cat - what is its personality?

The Ragamuffin is a very calm cat of a mellow personality. Thanks to this, it’s a perfect companion for adults, as well as younger family members. As a characteristic trait, the cat gets quickly attached to the owner. The breed requires almost constant contact with humans.

Ragamuffins are exceptionally trustful of new people. Keep this in mind and make sure the cat doesn’t go outside to wander alone. It might result in the cat going missing.

Note that Ragamuffin cats are very intelligent. They love spending time with their owners and playing with them. They often ask for cuddles and playing. Some owners confirm that thanks to their high intelligence, they can be taught basic commands such as ‘sit.’

The Ragamuffin cat and other animals

The Ragamuffin gets along perfectly with other cats - either of its own breed, or others as well. But note that introducing the animals to each other gradually is key to the success. The Ragamuffin can also live in a house with a dog. Just make sure the cat has an option to jump somewhere higher if it gets tired of the canine companion. Just like in contacts with other cats, it is essential to socialize the animals gradually, or ask a cat behaviorist for help.

The Ragamuffin cat and other animals

What kind of human does the Ragamuffin cat need?

The Ragamuffin is a breed that gets along in basically any home. Note that these cats dislike loneliness and love contact with humans. The Ragamuffin is a perfect companion for children who know how to handle animals. Remember that these cats aren’t aggressive, so you can leave a child and the cat alone for a few moments without worrying about their safety.

Does the breed require special grooming?

If you decide to get a Ragamuffin cat, remember that this breed has long and thick fur. For this reason, it requires regular brushing - at least once per week. It prevents knots and tangles in the fur that otherwise would have to be cut off. Also, make sure to control the animal’s ears and claws regularly. But note that these are just basic elements of care for any domestic animal.

The Ragamuffin cat - diet

The Ragamuffin belongs to the group of cats of quite an impressive size. The meals it receives should reflect its needs and stature. But at the same time, never overfeed the cat. If the animal has low physical activity, it might easily get obese.

A Ragamuffin’s diet should also match the cat’s age. Depending on this factor, the fluffy pet needs different vitamins and minerals. You can purchase appropriate mixes in pet stores, but make sure to consult this issue with a veterinarian.

The Ragamuffin cat - diet

The Ragamuffin - health and threats

The Ragamuffin is a breed without any major genetic loads. But when taking care of such a pet, make sure to control its diet and the number of received meals. An overfed Ragamuffin struggling with obesity might develop some issues with its motor system.

The cat’s caregiver should take care of its well-being regardless of its age. Make sure to check the animal’s health at a veterinary clinic regularly to be certain it doesn’t need anything. Any concerns about the cat’s health can be cured completely if detected early enough.

How long do Ragamuffins live?

Ragamuffin cats are considered a long-living breed. They live from 12 to 16 years on average. But keep in mind that it’s just an estimate, and the real lifespan of a cat depends on its individual health and living conditions. Some cats live much longer than the average - regardless, they are exceptions.

The Ragamuffin - price for a kitten of this breed

If you decided on a cat of this breed, prepare to spend a lot of money. Although it’s a relatively young breed, prices for a kitten begin at $1,000. Depending on the breeder, as well as characteristic features of the animal, the price might reach or even exceed $2,000.

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📍 What are the characteristics of the Ragamuffin cat?

The Ragamuffin is a muscular cat with a wide neck and strong shoulders. Its ears are slightly rounded on the ends, with distinct tufts of fur inside. Apart from the appearance, other distinct traits of these cats include the mellow character, strong attachment to humans and high intelligence.

📍 How much does a Ragamuffin cat cost?

The Ragamuffin cat is a highly valued breed. Prices for Ragamuffin kittens begin at $1,000. Some cats might cost even over $2,000. A lot depends on the breeder's reputation.

📍 Do Ragamuffins live long?

The Ragamuffin is definitely a long-living animal. On average, cats of this breed live from 12 to 16 years. In some cases, if the animal lives in good conditions, its lifespan might exceed the average upper age limit - but it happens sporadically.