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Husky Rat - Check What Husky Rats Look Like

The husky rat is one of the most adorable pets. It's a perfect choice even for those who live in a small apartment. Contrary to what some might think - the husky rat is an intelligent rodent. It also has a very calm personality - for this reason, it's a perfect companion for children and elderly. Learn what it looks like, how to take care of it and whether purchasing this variety is as easy as it seems.

Husky Rat - Check What Husky Rats Look Like

What’s the difference between the husky rat and other rats?

Rats make quite a numerous group of different varieties of animals. These rodents have different:

  • ear shapes,
  • fur types,
  • colors.

There are also hairless varieties (Fuzz and Sphinx) or rats without tails (Tailless).

The husky variety is particularly noteworthy. The colors of this rodent are exceptional. It’s white with an addition of a characteristic grey color. The name ‘husky’ is not without a reason. It refers to the popular husky dogs.

Interestingly enough, the husky rat can change its colors in time. The initially intense grey disappears in some rats. Sometimes, the animal might become completely white after some time. There’s another characteristic feature of the husky rat - exceptionally soft and fluffy fur, similar to chinchilla and Djungarian hamster.

What's the difference between the husky rat and other rats?

What does the husky rat need?

Although the husky rat is not a very difficult rodent, it needs certain conditions and basic care. A large and comfortable cage is an absolute essential for this animal.

Husky rats like running. For this reason, the cage needs to be large enough for the pet to move freely around. The equipment should have the dimension of at least 90x60x90 cm. Of course, the cage can be bigger than that. If so, the rodent will surely be happier.

As stressed by experts, classic cages are being replaced with modern models. They come with e.g. integrated litter boxes. Thanks to them, the cleaning process is quicker and easier.

The accessories for the husky rat

In addition to a cage, you should invest in extra equipment as well. A water feeder is essential - the husky rat requires constant access to water, so it can drink at any time it wants, especially after physical activity.

A resting place is another issue. A bed or a hideout where the husky rat can hide are perfect options.

Don’t forget a rat needs toys as well. You pick items such as:

  • shelves,
  • swings,
  • climbing walls,
  • tunnels.

Make sure each of such elements are sturdy enough. Pay attention to the intended use of the toys mentioned by the manufacturer.

The accessories for the husky rat

What do husky rats eat?

The diet of the husky rat is similar to other rodents of this species. It means dry food is the basis. You can add some extra snacks to make your pet’s menu more diversified.

The husky rat can eat the following foods:

  • fruits and vegetables (fresh and dried),
  • fresh vegetable sprouts,
  • seeds,
  • hay,
  • dried flowers.

Make sure the diet of your husky rat is well-rounded and provides all necessary vitamins and minerals. Don’t overfeed your animal. Obesity leads to a shortened lifespan of these animals.

Is the husky rat prone to any diseases?

It is generally accepted that rats are resilient animals. It’s true that some wild varieties don’t suffer from illnesses and can endure a lot. As it turns out, domestic animals like husky rats are very delicate animals. They might suffer from various health issues.

Different allergies and skin reactions are the most common problems of these rodents. Wrong feeding is the usual reason behind them. In such a case, observe the animal’s behavior and consult a veterinarian if you have any concerns.

Is the husky rat prone to any diseases?

Husky rat - lifespan

Unfortunately, the husky rat - just like other varieties of this rodent - doesn’t have a long lifespan. It’s typically 2 to 3 years - even with the best conditions and excellent care provided by the owner.

Ill animals - with allergies or stomach issues live even shorter. Sometimes, it’s just 12 months.

Because of the short lifespan of the husky rat, this animal is not the best pet for small children, who get emotionally attached to the animal. Its death might be a difficult experience for them.

Husky rat - price

The price for a husky rat depends mostly on where you are purchasing the animal. You can decide to buy it at a pet store or directly from a breeder. Typically, it’s between $10-$30 for one husky rat offered for sale.

Husky rat - price

📍 What does the husky rat look like?

The husky rat has very thick and soft fur, It's all white, with characteristic grey elements. The latter can become lighter or completely fade in time.

📍 How long does the husky rat live?

The husky rat is not a long-living rodent. It typically lives 2 to 3 years at most. Weaker and sick animals live up to 12 months.

📍 Husky rat for sale - how much does it cost?

Husky rats aren't expensive pets. The price varies between $10 and $30 - depending on where you purchase the animal.

📍 What does the husky rat eat?

The husky rat mostly eats special dry food made for rodents of this type. What's more, you can supplement the diet with fruit and vegetables. You can also feed the rat with hay, nuts, sprouts and seeds.