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Is Your Cat Purring? Learn The Secret Meaning of Cat's Purr

Have you ever wondered about cat purring? As it turns out, this is the way these animals tell you about their well-being. But do all cats purr? It's something your pet has to learn, as it wasn't born with this skill. Do you want to know why your cat purrs? Are you wondering what it means? We will help you understand your pet.

Is Your Cat Purring? Learn The Secret Meaning of Cat's Purr

What is purring?

Purring is a unique sound only cats can produce out of various species over the world. They are so unique that they are accompanied by small vibrations you can sense when a cat purrs and puts its head in your hand or when it sits on your lap.

Depending on the kind of cat you have, whether it’s a Maine Coon, Siberian cat or just an ordinary alley cat - purring might have different timbre and volume. It’s determined by genetics, but also body structure, which varies greatly.

A cat can purr even for a few hours. Don’t worry that your pet will get tired, as it’s a completely normal activity. If it happens, you can be sure that everything is alright.

Cat purring - what’s the meaning?

Experts, such as e.g. a cat behaviorist, claim that cat purring is a sign of contentment. It can happen during various everyday situations. Your pet might want to show you its mood, which results in the cat’s purring.

The most common situations when a cat purrs include:

  • playing with the owner, hugging and petting,
  • thinking about food or eating,
  • hugging the cat’s mum and developing a connection with her,
  • healing after a serious illness.

Cat purring - what's its meaning?

Does every cat purr?

Kittens are not born with the skill of purring, which means they have to learn it. A constant presence of the mother is helpful, as she navigates the kittens by producing the characteristic vibrating sounds. This way, she starts communicating with her children, and they repeat the same after a while.

Some kittens need only a few days to learn the skill of purring. For others, it takes a little longer, even a few weeks. Sooner or later, every cat purrs, as this is the natural ability resulting from genetics.

A purring cat - does it mean it’s happy?

In most cases, when a cat purrs, it means it feels well indeed - it lives in good conditions and therefore is relaxed. Sometimes you only have to pet it, and the cat will please you with the beautiful sound. But it’s not always the case. Some cats purr to express their discontent. It’s important to get to know your cat well, because only then you can figure out its language.

Why is it important that cat is purring?

As stressed by experts, cat’s purr is very important when it’s after traumatic events like an illness or accident which caused an injury. Why is the fact that the cat is purring so important? As mentioned, purring is something more than just a sound - it’s also vibrations. They move through the whole body of the animal, and as it turns out, have healing properties. They are therapeutic.

If your pet has had a serious accident, and it survived, but started purring more than ever, it means it needs such a relief. You don’t have to worry something is wrong.

Why is cat's purring important?

📍 Why is my cat purring loudly?

Loud purring means the cat is content and relaxed, in most cases. But make sure to get to know your animal, as in some cases cats purr when showing another emotion, e.g. irritation.

📍 Why do cats purr?

Cats purr as a result of their genetics. Those are the only animals that have such a unique skill. They use it to communicate with other cats and humans.