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Maltipoo Dog - Size, Lifespan, Temperament and Care Tips

The maltipoo is an exceptionally adorable dog which steals the hearts of kids and adults. The Maltese and poodle mix dogs have been popularized over the few years. They are highly intelligent and easy to train. Are you wondering what you should know before taking such a pet home? We know how to take care of a maltipoo and how much it costs. Check the most important information.

Maltipoo Dog - Size, Lifespan, Temperament and Care Tips

What is the maltipoo?

Maltipoo is one of the newest dog hybrids - it’s a mixture of two well-known breeds - Maltese and poodle. Currently, the Maltipoo, also known as the moodle dog, is quite popular among adults and children. Dogs of this type are also among the best breeds for allergy sufferers.

Until recently, the purpose of creating new dog breeds was simply achieving the best traits from both of the crossbred types. That’s how the Pomsky and the Labstaff were created. Currently, crossbreeding dogs and creating new hybrids has just aesthetic or health purposes, e.g., creating a suitable hybrid for an allergy sufferer.

What does a maltipoo look like?

When looking at a maltipoo, at the first glance one might think it’s a toy, a great-looking stuffed animal. When breeding maltipoos, the smallest types of poodles are used - the ones that resemble Maltese dogs in size. The maltipoo is a result of combining these two breeds. It has slightly curly hair and not too big body build.

Maltipoo dogs are 20-30 centimeters at withers, and weigh about 5 kilograms. They are perfect for small apartments.

The color of the maltipoo is a crucial aspect as well. Keep in mind that Maltese are typically white, while poodles have various coats. Maltipoos are usually biscuit, red or black. Dogs of this breed often have marks located on paws or tail.

What does a maltipoo look like?

Maltipoo - temperament

Are you wondering about the behaviour of maltipoos? They are a mixture of temperaments of two breeds they derive from. They are very friendly like Maltese, and intelligent like poodles. A combination of these two traits results in a cheerful dog that is open to their owners and smart at the same time. Maltipoos are very active and lively, but they don’t like long walks. They prefer shorter distances filled with many breaks.

Dogs of this breed demand attention, not only during the day, but also at night. But most importantly, they don’t cause any problems with other animals at home. They are friendly towards children. Nonetheless, one has to remember to train the dog properly, as spoiled puppies might become problematic and stubborn when they get older.

Is the maltipoo an active dog?

Contrary to popular belief, the maltipoo needs a lot of exercise. It can be activity combined with playtime, which encourages these dogs even more. It’s important that the pet play every day, otherwise it might destroy objects at home. If you notice something has been chewed on - it’s a sign your maltipoo requires more attention and a little more exercise.

Is the maltipoo an active dog?

Maltese poodle diet - what does the maltipoo eat?

Because maltipoos are small dogs, you have to be careful about the amount of food you ration. An excess might cause obesity in a short time.

As for the food type - you can use both wet and dry food. The fact that meat is the base of the maltipoo’s diet is the most significant issue. Although these animals aren’t picky, sometimes they are allergic. Interestingly enough, chicken is often the most dangerous food for them. That’s why the food should be based on other types of meat, e.g., beef or rabbit.

Are maltipoo dogs prone to diseases?

Maltipoo dogs aren’t likely to catch illnesses, so they live even 15 years - of course, when provided with good conditions, a balanced diet and a lot of exercise. Dietary allergies are the biggest threat for the maltipoo, as they occur quite frequently. All you need to do is to eliminate allergens from the diet, and your pet will be safe.

Maltipoo dogs - price

Although maltipoo dogs are quite popular, they aren’t the cheapest animals. Depending on the breeder, the dog’s age and color, they can cost even $4,000. Furthermore, the interest for these dog is so big that one might have to wait for them for some time. You might say that maltipoo puppies have to be custom ordered before buying.

Maltipoo dogs - price

📍 How to recognize a maltipoo?

Maltipoo are quite characteristic dogs, and you can recognize them by the fact that they resemble plushies. They typically have no more than 20 centimeters and weigh 2,5-3 kilograms. Their hair is curly, thick and usually in light colors.

📍 How to groom a maltipoo?

Maltipoo dogs are difficult to groom because of their thick coat. That's why it's better to leave it to a specialist - a groomer. If there is no such person in your area, you can buy the necessary equipment and try to do it yourself. Make sure to watch some tutorial videos before.

📍 Maltipoo full-grown - what does it look like?

A full-grown maltipoo is just a little bigger than a puppy. The dogs don't grow large. Their maximal height is 20 centimeters. You can recognize the age by the muzzle - it's apparent right away.

📍 How much does a maltipoo weigh?

Because of its small size, maltipoo dogs aren't heavy. Typically, it's 2,5-3 kilograms. Larger male dogs might be a bit heavier. The dog's weight shouldn't exceed 4,5-5 kilograms.