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Puppy Training Tips - When And How To Train Your Puppy?

A new puppy at home is definitely a joyful moment for the owners. Apart from playing with the dog you should also know how to train your puppy and teach it the rules. You should start from the very first moments the pet appears in your house. Check how to train your puppy properly.

Puppy Training Tips - When And How To Train Your Puppy?

What is puppy training?

Are you wondering what the basic puppy training looks like? It’s about e.g. whether you will allow the dog to sleep in your bed or if it will sleep in its own bed. The puppy will test what it can do from the very first moments at your home. If you allow it for something just once, it will be difficult to unteach it. That’s why you should start training the puppy from the first day.

Puppy training - how to train your puppy?

Let the dog get used to the new environment for the first couple of days. During this time you can start housetraining the puppy by using a potty pad. You can also teach it the “no” command. When the puppy settles in, you can begin training other commands such as “sit”, “down”, “come” and “fetch.”

Puppy training - how to train your puppy?

If you want to be able to let your puppy off leash during the walks, teach it to come to you on a certain command. It is best to do it while the dog is till young, as it will instinctively follow its owner.

What can help you with puppy training?

Dog treats are helpful for training a small dog. They will work as an encouragement for certain activities. You can choose special training cookies, as they are very small.

You can also use dry food for training. The tiny pellets will be a reward for the dog. It’s also a good idea if your dog refuses to eat the food from its bowl.

What are the commands to teach your dog?

You can find many tutorials on how to teach commands to your dog. There are many things that are quickly absorbed by dogs. Learning new things develops your dog’s brain. Even if the dog already knows certain commands, make sure to repeat them consistently.

What are the best commands to teach your dog?

Apart from this, you should implement new things regularly, so that the dog doesn’t get bored during the training. It’s good to teach the dog walking on a loose leash during the walks. It looks like this: when the dog starts to pull, you stop or turn back. You start walking again when the leash gets loose again. It greatly improves the comfort while walking.

Calling the dog over is equally important. It’s the basic command if you are planning to let the dog off leash. Other good commands to train your puppy are “no”, “drop it” and “stay.” They will help you with everyday functioning.

📍 When to start puppy training?

As specialists claim, the puppy training should start from the moment the dog appears in your home. The dog usually is already two months old. Of course, it is not a professional training but teaching the basic rules.

📍 How much does puppy training cost?

The basic puppy training should begin at home, and it's free, as you teach the dog yourself. The further puppy training costs money - the price depends on the area and the particular expert.