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Veiltail Goldfish Care - Best Goldfish Tank, Diet And Breeding

Are you wondering what fish to choose for your aquarium? The veiltail goldfish is one of the most beautiful species, so it will be a perfect decoration among other fish. Before buying one you should check how to take care of goldfish and what condition it needs. Check what is the best veiltail goldfish tank and what kind of diet does the fish need.

Veiltail Goldfish Care - Best Goldfish Tank, Diet And Breeding

Veiltail goldfish - how is it different from other species?

The goldfish, also called the veiltail goldfish is very easy to take care of. That’s why many beginner aquarists start from this fish. The goldfish has many colour varieties, but golden ones are the most popular. Veiltail goldfish lifespan can reach up to 10 years. A goldfish in a tank grows up to around 20 cm, depending on the aquarium size. It is definitely larger than other popular species such as the Siamese fighting fish.

Veiltail goldfish tank - which one is the best?

There are many pictures and film on the Web, on which you can see the owners are keeping the goldfish in a bowl. The veiltail goldfish are relatively large fish, so they cannot properly grow in such an aquarium. Kept in a bowl, they die pretty fast, similar to other fish species. For this reason, if you are wondering how to keep your goldfish alive, abandon the idea of keeping the goldfish in a bowl.

The minimal veiltail goldfish tank has a volume of 40 liters, although some sources claim that 80-liter aquariums are much better. Additionally, if you are going to keep more goldfish, the tank must be relatively larger.

Veiltail goldfish quickly make the water dirty. That’s why the goldfish tank should be large to retain the biological balance.

Veiltail goldfish tank - which one is the best?

Obligatory goldfish tank accessories

An efficient filter is the most important issue. It is recommended to choose the high-end one, so that the water in the aquarium is always clear.

A veiltail goldfish tank does not require a heater. The fish thrives in room temperature. Goldfish need a lot of light, however. Their beautiful colour is a result of the lighting. The tank should also contain plants to help with water filtering.

Veiltail goldfish diet

Veiltail godfish are omnivores. They have no special requirements - similar to other aquarium creatures such as shrimps, for instance. One can buy dry, frozen or alive food in pet shops. Make sure to diversify your goldfish diet to provide them all the necessary nutrients.

You can give alive or frozen food to your veiltail goldfish 3 times a week. For the rest of the days, give them dry fish food. There are also special veiltail fish foods with ingredients for colour enhancement.

Veiltail goldfish diet

📍 How much does a goldfish cost?

A veiltail goldfish is one of the cheapest fish commonly sold in pet shops. It's a perfect animal for beginner aquarists.