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A Perfect Dog Bed - Find The Best Type Of Dog Bed For Your Pup

A dog bed placed in the right spot will let your pup rest and relax. It's important to choose the right one to provide comfort and safety to the dog. Check what options are available on the market and pick the right dog bed.

A Perfect Dog Bed - Find The Best Type Of Dog Bed For Your Pup

A dog bed – what are its most important aspects?

When choosing a dog bed, consider the size of your pet and its health condition. The market offers medium and small dog beds, as well as dog beds for large dogs. Orthopedic beds provide the best rest for senior dogs.

For a greater comfort or because of the physical state of your pet, consider buying a heated pillow. Pet stores offer products like heated and cooling pads and hygienic dog beds. The latter are for dogs suffering from various allergies.

Small dog beds

A cozy and warm dog bed shaped like a house with an extra removable pillow is a perfect option for small breeds. It keeps the warmth very well, isolates and provides a perfect relaxation even for the most demanding pets.

A small dog bed with thick walls is a good solution for pets that don’t like enclosed spaces. This type of a bed provides a safe sleep. The high edge protects from falling while not obstructing vision.

Small dog beds

Dog beds for medium breeds

A comfortable, soft dog bed with a filling, upholstered with suede, eco-leather or other durable material provides proper rest and relaxation. You can easily match the shape of the bed with the spot it is going to be placed at, as well as with your dog’s preferences.

There are dog beds with high edges available on the market, along with soft oval pillows, pads for plastic or wicker baskets and double-sided mattresses. The last-mentioned provide thermal comfort in all conditions.

Double-sided mattresses are padded with various types of fabric. The winter side might be covered with faux wool to keep warmth. Airy, smooth nylon material on the other side provides good ventilation and cooling in summer.

Dog beds for large dogs – a special mattress

Large, comfortable mattresses with a Memory Foam padding providing regular body weight support are perfect for large dogs. The padding adjusts to the body, spine and shape of the dog and guarantees a good rest. Viscose foam pillows relieve the animal’s joints and provide a comfortable sleep. A dog bed like this is a real paradise for your pet.

Orthopedic dog beds – a specially designed bed for your pet

Dog beds of this type are designed for senior dogs and all animals that have problems with mobility. A dog bed like this can also be used by young and active sport breeds.

Memory foam padding provides a perfect, comfortable sleep, compensating for unpleasant and often painful pressure on joints. Orthopedic mattresses protect overloaded joints and reduce the pain. An anti-slippery base guarantees comfort and safety for older dogs.

Orthopedic dog beds – a specially designed bed for your pet

A hygienic dog bed

This type of a bed for a dog provides proper hygiene and comfort. A hygienic dog bed is exceptionally easy to take care of, it does not absorb unpleasant smells and is hypoallergenic. It’s made of a breathing material of a neutral scent and is safe for animals suffering from allergies and respiratory diseases.

Thermal pads – a bed for a dog with health issues

Pillows and heated pads for winter make a perfect solution for elderly and ill dogs, as well for animals suffering from joints pain. Cooling pads are recommended for hot summer days. Cooling pillows and mats help with body temperature regulation and allow the organism to function properly in higher temperatures.

A cooled dog bed is recommended for heart diseases, respiratory problems and allergies.

An outdoor dog bed

Outdoor dog beds made of high-quality materials can be placed outside. The waterproof insulating layer guarantees a good separation from damp and cold ground. Mattresses of this type are perfect at home, in the garden and on trips. They are resistant to dirt and scratching and allow the animal to rest in every type of conditions.

Choosing the right dog bed is one of the most important aspects of having a dog. If well-suited and placed at the right, peaceful spot, it will provide a good sleep for your pet. A proper rest is necessary to keep the dog in the right shape. By investing in your dog’s relaxation, you invest in its health and good mood.

Dog beds - let’s take care of allergy sufferers

Some dog breeds are very prone to various allergies. Mites and dust particles are the most common factors that aggravate the symptoms. As you can easily guess - there’s a lot of this stuff in a dog bed. Especially if the dog spends a lot of time outside and then lies down tired on its bed. It’s very important to pick a dog bed that can be washed in high temperatures. It should be made of anti-allergic and durable materials - this way frequent cleaning won’t damage it.

📍 How to make a dog bed?

Making a simple dog bed is quite easy. All you need are old blankets or a duvet you no longer use. Connect the elements - sew them together. You can find many tutorials on the Internet - use them.

📍 How to choose a dog bed?

When choosing a dog bed, pay attention to the breed of your pet and its size. If the dog is old, think about its health issues. The aesthetics might also be important for some people - but for the pet it does not really matter.

📍 Where to buy a dog bed?

You can buy a dog bed in every pet store. Sometimes they are available in supermarkets. If nothing you find is good enough, you can also buy a dog bed in an online shop. Better-quality models can be often custom-ordered.

📍 How much does a dog bed cost?

Dog beds vary greatly in price – they might be very cheap and extremely expensive. The difference is in the size, materials and additional functions. It all depends on your financial possibilities and individual needs of your dog.