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Boston Terrier - Size, Temperament, Care and Diseases

Boston terrier is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. Although it's a small animal, it has a very lively character. Even Boston terrier puppies are already intelligent and fast-learning - although stubborn. Are you considering taking a Boston terrier home? Check what you should know about the dog and how to take care of this breed.

Boston Terrier - Size, Temperament, Care and Diseases

What does the Boston terrier look like?

The Boston terrier is an interesting breed - mostly because of its looks. For some, those animals are the most beautiful in the world. Others think them a quirk of nature.

Boston terriers aren’t big pets, although their silhouette is quite burly for their small size. It might be misleading, but in fact they are agile and lively animals. The Boston terrier typically reaches the height of 35-40 cm at withers. It usually weighs 8-10 kg - but it depends on the pet’s diet.

The Boston terrier’s head is very characteristic - it’s slightly rectangular. It has a pair of small ears and large, wide set eyes. The dog’s fur is short and very delicate. It can be dark brown or black and white. Tabby Boston terriers with brindle coats look particularly beautiful.

What does the Boston terrier look like?

The Boston terrier - temperament

Boston terriers are generally gentle towards people. A dog of this breed is intelligent and gets quickly attached to its owner, trusting them completely. It’s a great companion - for children as well.

As for the Boston terrier’s personality, it’s a lively dog - it needs a lot of exercise. One should take it for a walk and play with it every day. Boston terrier puppies should be taught proper behavior as early as possible.

Who is the Boston terrier for?

The Boston terrier is a perfect companion dog. What’s more, it’s a friendly animal, accepting towards older and younger owners. It can build a really emotional bond with smaller children. Keep in mind, though, that Boston terriers don’t like too intense and frequent hugging. Make sure to control the contact of your child and the dog.

Who is the Boston terrier for?

How to feed a Boston terrier?

The Boston terrier isn’t a typical overeater - unless it has been trained otherwise when it was a puppy. But an obese Boston terrier is a truly rare sight - which is, of course, good for their health.

As for the diet, a Boston terrier needs certain nutrients for proper development. It’s best to pick a special food, recommended by a specialist - a veterinarian or a pet store employee.

In addition to dry food, you can also give healthy snacks to your dog - rich in minerals, vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids Omega-3 and -6. They are, for instance, various dried meat strips, bones, dried sprats and many others.

The Boston terrier - basic care tips

The Boston terrier doesn’t require a lot when it comes to grooming. The fur is very short, so brushing it with a soft brush once a week is just enough. Thanks to this, you will remove dead hair and dirt. Alternatively, you can use a grooming glove - it massages the pet’s skin and encourages fur growth.

Because of short hair, the Boston terrier’s skin is more prone to irritation, in comparison to other animals. For this reason, you shouldn’t bathe the dog too often. If you decide to do it, pick special care products - shampoos and moisturizing oils. Thanks to them, the fur is soft and shiny.

Ears and eyes cleaning is an essential element of the Boston terrier care. Clipping nails regularly is equally important. If you neglect this aspect, the animals might find it more difficult to walk, and the floors and furniture in your house might get damaged.

The Boston terrier - basic care tips

The Boston terrier - most common diseases

Unfortunately, the Boston terrier is likely to get sick. It concerns both allergies and more serious diseases. As for allergic reaction, the problem can be eliminated by picking only proven food types and care products. It doesn’t mean, though, that the animal won’t suffer from other issues. The experts mention the following most common problems:

  • cataract,
  • corneal dystrophy,
  • hypothyroidism,
  • Cushing’s disease,
  • hernia.

Most of these diseases have their roots in genes. A quick diagnosis and treatment are essential here. For this reason, you should regularly contact a veterinarian - at least once a year.

The Boston terrier - lifespan

Boston terriers live 11-12 years on average. Of course, not every Boston terrier has the same lifespan. A lot depends on the care, genetics and regular medical controls.

Some Boston terriers live up to 15 years. It’s an individual matter, different for every dog.

How much does the Boston terrier cost?

The Boston terrier surely cannot be called a cheap pet. A purebred Boston terrier puppy costs $1,000-$1,300. What’s more, because of various colors, dog’s gender and other factors, the price can be even higher. Some breeders offer their dogs for over $2,000.

Don’t forget that the price of purchasing the dog is not all. You also need special supplies. The dog’s care or feeding is not the cheapest matter. Veterinary care generates additional costs as well. That’s why purchasing a dog should be a well-thought decision.

How much does the Boston terrier cost?

📍 Boston terrier - when do the ears stand up?

One proper age when a Boston terrier's ears stand up. Specialists stress that this process starts between 2nd and 6th month. If you have any concerns, consult a veterinarian.

📍 Where to buy a Boston terrier?

Make sure to purchase a Boston terrier from a certified breeder. Check the seller and the reviews about them before making a decision.

📍 What's the price of a Boston terrier?

The Boston terrier is not the cheapest breed. The prices start from $1,000 for a puppy. Certain renown breeders sell Boston terrier puppies for over $2,000.

📍 How long does the Boston terrier live?

The Boston terrier lives 10-12 years on average. Of course, some animals live up to 15 years. This breed is quite prone to diseases - which might shorten the lifespan of a dog.