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Cat Behaviorist - How Can They Help with Your Cat's Behavior?

You have problems with your pet. Surprisingly, cats often behave in a strange way - especially if they were introduced to a new place. How to resolve such an issue. A cat behaviorist might be a good help - they know all about cat behavior and can fix it. Learn when to refer to a specialist's help.

Cat Behaviorist - How Can They Help with Your Cat's Behavior?

When should you be worried about your cat’s behavior?

Cat owners often fight with various issues being a result of the cat’s behaviour. Cats, especially young ones, might:

  • urinate outside the litter box,
  • scratch a new furniture piece,
  • steal food from tables.

Such behavior might be taken as a sign of the cat’s malice, but one has to keep in mind that animals don’t act out of vengeance or maliciousness. The reasons of their actions are completely different from people’s.

Learn a cat’s nature - discover the motives of a cat’s behavior

First, one needs to closely learn a cat’s nature. Those animals have specific behaviours that are a result of their instinct. They do not understand that the meat lying on the table shouldn’t be poked by a paw, thrown onto the ground or licked.

Cats have certain needs, typical for their species. One should provide them with a safe and comfortable – from their point of view – spot for peeing (an open litter box is the best option), scratching posts (by scratching, cats mark their territory and let go of negative emotions), hideaways and beds (they give them a sense of safety).

Learn a cat's nature - discover the motives of a cat's behavior

Make sure that the issue is not a result of the cat’s health

If the environment the cat lives in is filled with everything it needs, make sure to eliminate any health issues. In some cases, the cat’s behaviour might be a result of stress or pain. A urine test, in case the issue is peeing outside the litter box, might give you a clear view onto the issue.

When do you need a cat behaviourist?

If a veterinarian tells you the cat is healthy, consult a cat behaviorist. Such a person know cats psychology and by observing the cat’s behaviour, they can find the real reason behind it. It might be e.g. a traumatic event from the past or current negative relationship with a person or a fellow pet.

Sometimes a small, seemingly insignificant change might work. For instance, placing the scratching post at a different spot might make the cat more interested in it and lose interest in scratching the furniture.

As for improving the relationship with a cat, a method of isolation with socialization might be very helpful. Make sure to talk about it with a cat behaviorist to spare the stress for you and your animals.

When do you need a cat behaviourist?

📍 How much does a cat behaviorist cost?

The cost of one visit differs depending on the place you live in. The fact that the cat behaviorist visits the client's home is crucial. They can observe any potential factors influencing the cat's behaviour and thus eliminate them.