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Doberman - Dog Breed Information, Colors, Puppies, Temperament

The Doberman is a relatively large dog of a characteristic and majestic appearance. The first contact with this breed is enough to understand that one has to do with an unusual animal – and it's indeed true. These dogs are perfect for people of a strong character, who are able to tame their temperament. It's definitely not a typical family dog. Check what dobermans need and learn how to care for them.

Doberman - Dog Breed Information, Colors, Puppies, Temperament

Doberman – what kind of dog is it, and what are its origins?

Doberman has its name thanks to the person who created it – Louis Dobermann. The main thought during the creation process of this breed was developing a tenacious specimen, perfect for guarding.

Other aspects such as quickness and hair quality were also considered when hybridizing various dogs. The first dobermans were registered in breed books in 1893, and they gained a lot of popularity since then. Currently, dobermans are known all over the world.

Doberman – what kind of dog is it, and what are its origins?

What does the Doberman look like?

Contrary to the popular belief, the Doberman is quite a friendly dog, although many think it’s aggressive and dangerous. The mistaken opinion might be a result of judging its strong silhouette, which is highlighted by its short and smooth hair. Many dog enthusiasts claim that Dobermans are the quintessence of what a purebred dog should look like.

The Doberman’s hair is short, thick, and stiff. It’s characterized by being perfectly aligned with the body. Black is the standard color of this breed, although some Dobermans are red with tan elements.

The Doberman Pinscher is associated with cropping ears and docking tails in young puppies. This procedure was common for many years. Because of this, the dogs looked more aggressive. Many countries banned trimming dog’s ears and docking tails in the 90s. Thanks to it, these four-legged companions don’t look intimidating anymore.

What does the Doberman look like?

The Doberman – personality

The Doberman is a dog of a strong character, which, in combination with its developed musculature creates an intimidating image. Because of its personality, this breed is perfect for the exact jobs it has been made for – guarding and fighting. Dobermans have high pain tolerance. But this doesn’t mean they are aggressive.

Despite their menacing looks, these dogs are usually gentle and get strongly attached to their owners. Keep in mind, though, that they have a strong protective instinct, thanks to which they will do anything to defend their family.

Is the doberman a dog for everyone?

The Dobermann is not a dog for everyone. It’s definitely not recommended to people who lack experience with animals. These dogs need a powerful leader who can control their temperament and fierce character.

Keep in mind that it’s the owner who has a significant influence on the dog. Someone of a calm personality and strong character will be able to raise a peaceful dog. If the owner is nervous and aggressive, the Doberman will be exactly like that – agitated and always ready to attack, especially strangers.

Is the doberman a dog for everyone?

The Doberman pinscher – is training necessary?

The Doberman requires training and socialization with other dogs starting when it’s a puppy. By implementing certain rules, one can expect the adult dog will behave as planned.

The Doberman is an incredibly intelligent and obedient dog. It performs its owner’s orders to the best of its ability. Note that these dogs are eager for training, but nothing should be forced on them.

Don’t isolate the dog or deprive it of training and walks. By doing so, the dog might develop bad behaviours and habits – and these are difficult to eliminate. A dog that is not used to other animals in its surroundings might become a culprit of conflicts with dogs met during a walk.

What should a Doberman be fed with?

The Dobermann requires feeding with special food mixes, fit to its needs. Puppies should receive both dry and wet food. The diet should be adjusted to the age and development needs of the dog. The quantity of the meals is more frequent at first, to encourage the dog’s proper growth. An adult dog should receive from two to three meals a day.

When choosing from store-bought mixes, consider picking the ones designed for large and relatively active dogs.

Note that these dogs love physical activity such as long walks and games. More calorie-rich food is a better choice. Thanks to this, the dog receives much needed energy, but won’t get obese.

What should a Doberman be fed with?

Does the Doberman need special grooming?

Doberman dogs are easy to take care of. Thanks to its short hair and lack of underfur, bathing is practically unnecessary. It’s needed only in case the dog gets seriously dirty during a walk, e.g., by stepping in mud. The Doberman’s hair requires brushing once a week – a glove brush is perfect for this purpose.

Make sure to pay attention to the dog’s ears. This breed has a tendency to develop infections. If you note any worrying symptoms, don’t hesitate to visit a veterinary clinic.

What are the common diseases of the Doberman?

The Doberman is likely to develop genetic disorders. Eye issues are the most common problem. The breed is also vulnerable to VWD – Von Willebrand disease. It affects blood’s ability to clot, which is caused by the lack of a specific protein.

What’s more, the breed is vulnerable to hip dysplasia. This genetic disorder causes situations in which the hip is deformed, which affects the dog’s mobility.

The Doberman – lifespan

The Doberman is not a long-living dog. Because of its genetic background, the average lifespan of this breed has severely diminished over the past years. As estimated, these dogs live from 10 to 13 years on average, but some Dobermans die younger. It’s mostly caused by diseases, which, if not diagnosed early enough, have a huge impact on the animal’s health.

How much does a Doberman cost?

If you decided to purchase a Doberman, prepare to spend a lot of money. A puppy of this breed costs $1,500 and more. The price is affected by the dog’s color and pedigree. The most expensive puppies cost over $3,000.

How much does a Doberman cost?

📍 What does the Doberman dog look like?

The Doberman is a well-built dog. It has smooth hair of various colors. Male dogs grow up to 69 cm tall at withers, females are only slightly smaller – about 65 cm at withers.

📍 How much do Dobermans cost?

The price for a Doberman of a regular hair color begins at $1,500. If a puppy has a reputable pedigree and a rare color, it may cost even $3,000.

📍 How much does a doberman weigh?

Despite its strong silhouette, the Doberman doesn't weigh a lot. A male usually weighs from 40 to 45 kilograms. Females' weight oscillates between 32 and 35 kilograms.

📍 How to train a Doberman?

The Doberman requires someone of an assertive and strong personality. It's not a dog for everyone, mostly because of its stubborn temperament. It's not a good breed for someone's first dog.