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Extraordinary Bald Cats - 5 Popular Hairless Cat Breeds

A cat is a popular human companion. Unfortunately, many people are concerned about mess in the house and the omnipresent fur. What to do, in this case? Do you have to give up the idea of having a pet? Not necessarily! A hairless cat might be the answer to your problem. Are you wondering what such cats look like, whether they need a special care and most importantly - how much they cost? Check the most important information on bald cats. Discover the most popular hairless cat breeds.

Extraordinary Bald Cats - 5 Popular Hairless Cat Breeds

The Canadian Sphynx is one of the first hairless cat breeds - which is the reason for its current popularity. USA, Canada and the Netherlands are the commonly mentioned places of its origin. Although the cat looks quite unusual, and many people are afraid of it at first, its temperament is gentle. It’s not aggressive at all - neither to adults nor children.

The Canadian Sphynx is a very sociable bald cat. It loves being close to its owner and other family members. It requires a bit of attention and reacts poorly to separation. Because of this, it’s not the best pet for those who work a lot.

The hairless cat Canadian Sphynx loves sitting on one’s lap, although everyday exercise and play are equally important for this animal. Make sure to spend at least a moment on an interesting activity.

The Canadian Sphynx needs a lot of care. Not only it costs a lot, but also generates expenses some might find too high. Make sure to think the purchase through and be fully aware about all the consequences of the decision.

If you take a hairless cat of this breed home, remember about regular baths - every 2-3 weeks, protection against low and high temperatures and UV lighting. The animal’s ears also require special care - you have to clean them regularly.

The cost of a Canadian Sphynx falls between $1,500 and $6,000. The price is affected by factors like gender, age and the breeder’s reputation.

The Canadian Sphynx - the most popular hairless cat

Russian bald cat - the Peterbald

The Peterbald, or so-called Russian hairless cat, which looks quite different from the well-known Canadian Sphynx. It’s very exotic, which shows in the interesting body shape, slender snout and large ears.

The Russian bald cat has appeared in 1994, so it’s a quite young breed of hairless cats. Despite the fact, it’s very popular. There are several types across this breed:

  • naked/bald - completely hairless,
  • flock - with short fuzz-like fur,
  • brush - with irregularly spread hair,
  • straight - with standard fur.

Russian hairless cats are very sociable and sensitive animals. That’s why they often follow their owners everywhere. It’s not an independent pet you can leave at home for the whole day. It doesn’t mean, though, that the cat is lazy. Its temperament is lively - the cat loves playing and is curious about various toys in its surroundings.

Regular care, including a weekly bath, is important for this cat breed. Feeding is equally crucial - it should be full of nutrients, and rationed, as Peterbalds are prone to obesity.

The price of the Russian hairless cat ranges between $1,700 and $3,000. Everything depends on the breeder you pick, and on the hair type the animal has.

Russian bald cat - the Peterbald

Hairless cat breeds - Elf cats

Hairless cats of the elf breed are among the youngest cat breeds. It has been created quite recently - in 2007. The animal originates in the USA, and looks fascinating - in addition to the lack of hair, it also amazes with the shape of its ears. They are curved, making the cat look exotic.

The hairless cat of this breed is quite hefty, despite its small head. Some cats weigh even 7 kilograms. Because of this, older animals might suffer from joints issues. For this reason, regular checkups at a veterinarian clinic are crucial to eliminate the problems or prevent them in time.

As for the personality, the bald Elf cat is a very calm and tender animal. It’s a perfect companion for small children. You don’t have to worry about aggressive behaviors.

Elf cats belong to the most expensive hairless cat breeds. Their price range falls between $2,000 and $2,500.

Hairless cat breeds - Elf cats

The Donskoy cat - a rare hairless cat breed

The Donskoy cat is a rare bald cat breed. Its history is connected to Russia. While the first mentions of the breed can be traced to 1987, it has been acknowledged by the International Feline Federation in 2006.

Just like the Peterbald, this cat is not always hairless. There are 3 classified groups of animals within this breed:

  • hairless,
  • flock - with a little fur, which is no longer than 1-2 mm,
  • brush - a variety with fur and specific hairless body parts.

The Donskoy cat is an exceptionally sensitive hairless cat which needs a special attention. If the owner is at home, it usually jumps on their lap and can spend the rest of the day this way. It doesn’t cope well with separation, even if it’s just a few hours. Make sure to encourage the cat for everyday activities and play - to relieve its feelings.

Unfortunately, the Donskoy cat is prone to various diseases. Everyday care is as important for this hairless cat as regular visits at a veterinarian clinic. These animals often suffer from diabetes or kidney issues - untreated, these problems might lead to quick death.

The hairless cat of Donskoy breed is not a cheap pet. The price varies between a few hundred dollars and $2,500. It depends on the breeder and individual factors.

The Donskoy cat - a rare hairless cat breed

The Ukrainian Levkoy - an original hairless cat

Ukrainian Levkoy is a hairless cat which, just like similar breeds, has a relatively short history. The first mentions about it appeared in 2004. It has a characteristic appearance - its ears are folded. Interestingly enough, although it’s a popular breed, it hasn’t been officially approved by the world organizations.

Hairless cats of this breed have a mild character. They don’t fight with other animals and are loyal to their owners. Unlike other bald cat breeds, the Ukrainian Levkoy easily adapts to new environments and love changes.

The price of the Ukrainian Levkoy varies between $500 and $1,000, but these hairless cats are extremely rare, and it’s difficult to find a breeder.

The Ukrainian Levkoy - an original hairless cat

📍 What is a hairless cat called?

One name referring to all hairless cats doesn't exist - it depends on their breed. The most popular bald cats include breeds like the Canadian Sphynx, the Peterbald, the Elf cat, the Donskoy cat and the Ukrainian Levkoy. They are the most commonly picked cats without hair.

📍 How much does a hairless cat cost?

Depending on the breed - a hairless cat can cost from $500 to even $5,000. A lot depends on the animal - its gender, age and looks. The breeder you pick is also an important factor.