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Ferret Pet - What Do Ferrets Eat and How to Take Care of Them

Ferret pets are increasingly popular pets. Some say that keeping one is similar to taking care of a dog - but in fact, it's more demanding. If you want to take a proper care of a ferret, you have to know the behaviour and habits of these animals. Are you planning to take a ferret pet home? Make sure to prepare well.

Ferret Pet - What Do Ferrets Eat and How to Take Care of Them

Ferret - what kind of animal is it?

The ferret is sometimes referred to as the polecat. It’s not entirely correct, as a polecat is a wild, and potentially dangerous animal. The variety called the ferret belongs to the broad family of Mustelidae as well, although it has a much milder behaviour.

The mammal is a popular pet, but ferrets are also used in labs and as fur-bearing animals.

What does a ferret look like?

Depending on the conditions it is kept in, as well as the way of feeding, the ferret has various sizes. On average, females have 33-35.5 centimeters in length. Makes are slightly larger and can be from 38 to 41 centimeters long. The tail length varies between 7 and 10 centimeters.

What does a ferret look like?

Ferret types

Generally, ferrets have albino or grey-brown colors. The colors strictly depend on the type of this mammal. Ferrets often have classic colors, but there are also black, brown and red.

The uniform types are albino, white or black. Speckled ferrets have unusual colors, as for this type of animal - they have white spots all over their bodies.

Angora ferret is the last type, very characteristic because of the fur length. It can grow from 5 to 10 centimeters.

Can you keep a ferret inside a house?

A ferret in a house is a usual sight for many breeders. But keep in mind that these animals have to be kept caged and not allowed to run around the house unsupervised. The reason is their safety - left alone, the animal might get lost in the house or get injured.

A perfect ferret cage should be large enough, with the minimal dimensions of 150x150x60 centimeters.

Ferret care basics

If you decided to get a ferret pet, prepare a few objects that will it to get used to humans. Some breeders decide to let the animal run freely around the house, especially it there’s a lot of space. One should make sure the animal has a litter box in every room.

Remember that the animal needs to move around a lot, so don’t keep it in the cage all the time. Don’t go to extremes. But make sure to control what your ferret does when it’s running around.

Ferret care basics

What does a ferret pet need?

A ferret needs enough time to play and run around and play outside its cage. The cage should be well-prepared. First, it cannot be too small. Make sure that the following items are placed inside:

  • a water feeder,
  • a litter box,
  • a food bowl,
  • a sleeping spot.

The cage should have at least two levels so that the ferret can move around.

What do ferrets eat?

Remember that ferret pets need a proper diet. The animal can eat cooked or raw chicken or turkey meat. You can also feed it with lamb, ducks and pork.

Don’t feed your ferret with raw pork meat. You can enrich the pet’s diet with sea fish. Keeping the animal needs the right planning, including the diet.

Ferret lifespan - how long do ferrets live?

Wild ferrets live up to 6 years. In domestic conditions, where animals are provided with proper care, their lifespan is much longer. Some pet ferrets live even 15 years.

Where can you buy a ferret?

Ferrets are typically available in pet shops - buying there, you can be sure about the background of the animal. You can also try to find a private breeder - who treats the animals as well as family members.

Ferret pet - price

The price of an animal might be relatively high. On average, ferrets cost $100 for one animal, but you can find various offers between the price rage $25-$250.

Ferret pet - price

📍 How long does a ferret live?

A wild ferret lives about 6 years, although some animals might live longer. A domestic ferret pet might live as long as 15 years.

📍 What does a ferret eat?

The animal can eat cooked or raw chicken or turkey meat. Ferrets love pork, ducks, lamb and beef as well. You can also add sea fish to your pet's diet. Remember not to feed the animal with raw beef.

📍 Do ferrets smell?

Ferrets, even if taught taking care of their needs, give off a characteristic and intense smell. Keep in mind that in time, the furniture and other things might absorb the unpleasant scent.

📍 Do ferrets bite?

Ferrets as pets are typically very calm. Don't forget that just like the wild animals, they have an animal instinct. Biting is a natural behaviour - but it doesn't mean you should tolerate it.