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Freshwater Shrimp Care Guide - How to Keep Freshwater Shrimp?

You want to begin your fishkeeping adventure, but you are afraid that you won't manage the fish. Instead, you can choose freshwater shrimp, more and more popular recently. Keeping them is not as difficult as it seems. Check what conditions do freshwater aquarium shrimp need to develop properly.

Freshwater Shrimp Care Guide - How to Keep Freshwater Shrimp?

Why keeping freshwater shrimp?

Freshwater aquarium shrimp are kept for the same reasons as fish. They are an interesting home decoration. Apart from hobbyists, there are professional shrimpkeepers who breed shrimp for sale. It is quite a lucrative business, provided that the breeding is extensive and of high quality.

Many people wonder whether shrimp can be kept in a tank with fish. There is no problem with that - provided that they are not predators.

What types of freshwater shrimp to choose for keeping?

Freshwater aquarium shrimp differ between each other by species. Therefore, if you are planning to keep them at home, consider which one will suit you most. It doesn’t mean that you cannot pick a few types. Just make sure the species you choose “get along” with each other.

There are several species of aquarium shrimp:

  • cleaner shrimp
  • Amano
  • Ghost
  • Tiger
  • Babaulti Green
  • Orange
  • Red Crystal
  • Red Cherry
  • Breviata
  • Snow White
  • Simoni Simoni

What’s the difference between the listed freshwater shrimp? Most notably - the appearance. Each species has different color, shape and size. For the last feature, one can make yet another division between longarmed shrimp and dwarf shrimp.

What types of freshwater shrimp to choose for keeping?

What conditions do freshwater shrimp require?

Aquarium shrimp don’t have any special requirements. But it is very important to keep the water clean. It is also recommended to make sure it is well-aerated. Note that some shrimp species benefit from chemical compounds like nitrates and phosphates. For this reason, shrimp such as Red Cherry are recommended for those who just began their fishkeeping adventure and don’t have any experience.

As for the tank, shrimp don’t need a lot of space, so as a hobbyist, you can get a small one. A 30-liter aquarium is perfect for more or less a dozen shrimp.

Freshwater shrimp do not like too warm water. Temperatures not lower than 20°C (68 F) and not higher than 24°C (75.2 F) make the perfect conditions.

Freshwater aquarium shrimp - useful accessories

Apart from a tank, shrimp also need some equipment. Make sure you get the right heater, filter and lighting.

Don’t forget to invest in at least basic plants. Freshwater shrimp mainly eat algae, so make sure they have a constant supply.

Freshwater aquarium shrimp - useful accessories

How to feed freshwater shrimp

As already mentioned, algae are shrimp’s main source of food - but not only. Apart from that, other types of food with organic matter need to be provided. Shrimp are fed with dry food you can purchase at any pet shop. Additionally, you can use special granules.

If you’re just starting with shrimpkeeping and have no experience, consult an expert before choosing a particular type of feed. They will help you pick the right mix. This way, you will be able to provide the best nutrients to your pets, which will make them thrive.

How to breed freshwater shrimp?

The basis of shrimp breeding is having a male and a female. When both of them mature, the process occurs naturally. A male instinctively senses the right moment. He lays eggs under the abdomen of the female, and small shrimp hatch in about 1,5 month.

Baby shrimps are doing fine by themselves from the beginning of their life. The maturing process, however, lasts relatively long - up to 4 months. How to know a shrimp is adult? Moulting is a very characteristic moment.

If you keep fish such as siamese fighting fish in one tank with shrimp, remember to protect the offspring. To do this, it is recommended to put thick plants in the aquarium.

How to breed freshwater shrimp?

📍 What do freshwater shrimp eat?

Aquarium shrimp mostly eat algae, but also food with organic matter. You can feed them with special feed purchased in a pet store. If there are young dead fish in the tank, they also make perfect food for some shrimp species.

📍 How to breed freshwater shrimp?

Freshwater shrimp breed naturally - just make sure there is a male and a female in one tank. The male senses the fertile period of the female and he lays eggs under her abdomen. The eggs hatch after around 6 weeks.

📍 How long do freshwater shrimp live?

Depending on the species - freshwater aquarium shrimp live from 1,5 to 2 years. Keep in mind that only animals bred by you will live this long. When you buy mature freshwater shrimp, they probably are about 6 months old.