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How to Calculate Dog Years to Human Years? Check Dog's Age

A dog's age is counted differently than for humans. Up until recently, when someone wanted to convert dog years to human years, the most popular formula was to multiply the dog years by seven. As it turns out, this approach is not quite correct. If you wonder how old is a dog in human years, you need to consider several other parameters. Learn how to convert the age of your dog to human years.

How to Calculate Dog Years to Human Years? Check Dog's Age

How long do dogs live?

The average dog’s lifespan is around 10 years - but keep in mind that this number varies depending on the breed and other factors. Judging by experience, small dogs live longer. In this case, it might be even 15-18 years, depending on their individual health state and the conditions they are kept in.

Can you really calculate a dog’s age?

Biology works differently for dogs than for humans. Keep in mind that each breed is different, so the typically used conversion is not really correct. Organisms of small, medium and large sized dogs work differently, therefore, a universal formula to convert dog years to human years doesn’t exist.

It is a good idea to consider the dog’s lifestyle. The dog’s biological age is lower for the animals provided with regular exercise and proper feeding. The dog’s food is very often the key factor. In accordance with specialists’ research, exercise in the fresh air is highly important - thanks to it, the dogs gain immunity against various diseases.

Can you really calculate a dog's age?

How old is my dog - can you determine it by looking at the teeth?

The method of determining a dog’s age by checking its teeth is not very precise. But it can be a hint in case there is no information about the dog. It’s a commonly used method for stray animals someone has got rid of.

How to discover the dog’s age in this case? Just pay attention to how much the teeth are worn down, their color, condition and number. You cannot typically do it for puppies, but rather for older animals.

Young, a few years old (3-5 years) dogs have incisors intact, and slightly worn upper premolars. Older animals over 6-7 years old have noticeably worn incisors and canines. Their shape is also distinctively rounded.

How old is my dog - caan you determine it by looking at the teeth?

Dog years to human years - how to calculate a dog’s age?

A dog’s age is calculated in accordance with the breed. The smallest dogs mature quicker, but the process of aging is slower for them. It means that after the first year, the dog’s age is:

  • small breeds - 20 years,
  • medium breeds - 18 years,
  • large dogs - only 12 years.

But after 10 years the situation is opposite:

  • small dogs are 58 years old,
  • medium dogs - 75 years old,
  • large animals - 82 years old.

Judging from this example, one can easily notice that the old method of calculating the dog’s age is very incorrect and unrealistic. Look at the table below to see dog years vs human years:

Dog years to human years - how to calculate a dog's age?

What is the meaning of a dog’s age?

Dog years might be a kind of a hint to know when the animal matures or might experience certain signs of aging. But a dog’s age is not the most important factor here. The condition is the most significant. And it is often better in 10-year-old dogs than in a few-year-old ones.

What is the meaning of a dog's age?

📍 How to determine a dog's age?

You can determine a dog's age by judging its looks and the general shape. Pay attention to the teeth, fur and the general well-being. Usually, it is impossible to tell the exact age of a dog in human years. But one can estimate dog years.

📍 How to calculate dog years?

If you are wondering how old is a dog in human years - don't follow the old formula of multiplying by seven. It's incorrect. The best dog age calculator considers the dog's breed and weight. This is the only way to convert dog years to human years.