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Marvelous Irish Setter - Lifespan, Personality and Care of the Breed

The Irish setter is a hunting dog. Initially, the breed was used for bird hunting. Currently, these dogs are used for this purpose as well, but they often simply become companion dogs. Are you wondering about the temperament of the Irish setter? It's an energetic and joyful, but also demanding dog. Before you take it home - learn more about the breed.

Marvelous Irish Setter - Lifespan, Personality and Care of the Breed

The Irish setter - what kind of breed is it and what does it look like?

The Irish setter is a pointing breed. It’s very popular almost everywhere in the world. The colors of these dogs are quite characteristic - Irish setters can be black or chestnut, or even ginger. But many think the Irish red and white setter is the most beautiful variant.

Males of this breed are slightly bigger than females. Female Irish setters are maximally 55-62 centimeters tall at withers. Males reach 58-67 centimeters at most. Regardless of their height, Irish setters weigh relatively little. Depending on a particular dog, its lifestyle and feeding - it can weigh from 25 to over 30 kilograms.

A short-haired Irish setter is a rare occurrence, and is considered a fault in professional breeding. Such dogs have short hair on their heads, while the coat is longer on the body. Wavy hair is also considered incorrect regarding the breed’s standard.

The Irish setter - what kind of breed is it and what does it look like?

What are the typical colors of the Irish setter?

The color is the characteristic feature of the Irish setter breed. Black, red or red-white are the most common ones. Red-white are definitely the most popular among the owners. Such dogs have a white base color, with irregular red spots appearing on the whole body. It’s the only color mix of this breed.

The Irish setter - temperament

Dogs of this breed have an exceptionally cheerful character. The Irish setter shows a lot of enthusiasm and plenty of energy when it’s still a puppy. Remember the energy should be released during walks and by playing with the dog. Otherwise, the Irish setter might pose certain behavioral problems.

Keep in mind Irish setters were initially bred as hunting dogs - and their hunting instinct is strong. Chasing other animals is one of the unwanted behaviors. When walking in the woods or fields, the dog might run after deer or hares. In the city, they might take interest in cats, children, cyclists and cars. Because of this, make sure to begin training the dog as early as possible.

The Irish setter - temperament

The Irish setter - who is the breed for?

The Irish setter is definitely not a lapdog. For this reason, it’s not a suitable breed for someone who loves spending time at home. Dogs of this breed need a lot of exercise - and even a large yard is not enough for them. These animals need at least hour-long walks every day.

Because of the strong attachment to people, the Irish setter is a perfect breed for families. If well-trained, it’s a good option for young animal enthusiasts as well.

What does the Irish setter eat?

The diet is an important aspect of taking care of a dog - especially when it comes to hunting breeds like the Irish setter. Breeders of these dogs often offer basic supplies when selling puppies. Such a starter kit typically includes a bag of dog food. A breeder should also give you advice on what food the dog is supposed to eat in later stages of its development.

Note that a good diet affects the well-being of the dog. Combining dry and wet food is a good option. Pet shops offer suitable dog food for Irish setters.

Some Irish setters suffer from allergies. In such a case, consult the dog’s diet with a veterinarian and avoid food brands containing a lot of sugar and grains. Fortunately, the market offers food for dogs with allergies.

What does the Irish setter eat?

Does the Irish setter need a lot of exercise?

The Irish setter - puppies and adults - need a lot of exercise. The dog needs to release its energy. You can do it by taking it for a walk and playing with the pet outside. If the dog doesn’t receive enough exercise, the animal might develop behavioral issues. Irish setters are hunting dogs, and they need a proper training. It’s an intelligent breed.

What are the common health issues of the Irish setter?

The Irish setter rarely suffers from genetic disorders. But just like other large purebred dogs, it’s prone to hip dysplasia. Eyelid problems or PRA - Progressive Retinal Atrophy might occur, but are not very common.

The Irish setter - lifespan

The Irish setter has a medium lifespan. Depending on the conditions the dog lives in and the diet it receives - it can live over ten years. The average lifespan of Irish setters falls between 12 and 15 years.

Are Irish setters expensive?

If you decide to buy a purebred dog, you have to prepare to spend a lot of money - it’s no different with the Irish setter. Breeding standards of these dogs are strict. Only certified breeders can breed Irish setters. For this reason, the price is high. An Irish setter puppy costs at least $1,200. Red and white coat is particularly attractive, hence puppies with these colors cost more - even $2,500. Don’t forget about the pedigree certificate, which is important as well.

Are Irish setters expensive?

📍 What does the Irish setter look like?

The Irish setter is classified as group 7 and section 2 in the FCI rating. It means it's a pointer dog in the group of Irish and British pointers. The dogs of this breed are large animals - regarding their height at withers. There are two basic colors of Irish setters - black and white-and-red.

📍 How much does an Irish setter cost?

Irish setters are considered expensive dogs. A puppy costs about $1,200. The price depends on the dog's pedigree and usual traits, like color. A red and white Irish setter costs even $2,500.

📍 How much does an Irish setter weigh?

Females of this breed are smaller than males. The weight depends on the diet - but typically, it's 24-29 kilograms. Males are a bit heavier. The proper weight of male Irish setters is 27-32 kilograms.

📍 How long do Irish setters live?

The Irish setter can have various lifespans, depending on the conditions it lives in. On average, dogs of this breed live 12-15 years.