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The Opaline Gourami - Tank Size, Care, Lifespan, Diseases

Fishkeeping is becoming popular among an increasing number of people. Various colorful fish are the most admired. The three spot gourami, in particular - the opaline gourami is one of the most beloved species. Why is this fish so popular? Should you invest in the opaline gourami? Is breeding these fish difficult or easy? We have the answers to all these questions.

The Opaline Gourami - Tank Size, Care, Lifespan, Diseases

The opaline gourami - what kind of animal is it?

The opaline gourami, in fact is the three spot gourami, while the fish is called Trichopodus trichopterus in Latin. The fish is known as opaline gourami because of its appearance. It has a characteristic dark and light blue outline, which resembles an opal. The two spots on the fish’s body aren’t very visible. Among many types of gourami, the opaline one is the most popular variety.

The fish originates in Asia. The three spot gourami has many varieties. Various types are distinguished primarily according to their colors, but apart from that, they don’t have any distinctive features.

The opaline gourami - what kind of animal is it?

What does the opaline gourami look like?

The opaline gourami reaches the size of approximately 12.5 centimeters in captivity. Wild fish are typically slightly larger, and they can grow up to 15 centimeters long. The color of these fish is characteristic - it resembles the structure of an opal. Males and females slightly differ from each other. The main differences involve dorsal and anal fins, as well as the stomach. They have distinct colors.

The opaline gourami - tank size and type

Are you wondering how to prepare the best container for an opaline gourami? As for the tank size, it should be at least 90 centimeters long - mostly because of the size the fish can reach. Don’t forget about a strong filter - three spot gouramis are large fish, so they can contaminate the water heavily.

The proper tank capacity is about 60 liters - but many people claim it’s not enough. The larger the aquarium, the better - especially if you’re planning on having many opaline gouramis.

The opaline gourami - tank size and type

The opaline gourami - environmental needs

The environmental needs of the opaline gourami are the standard rules of fishkeeping. The fish requires the right water temperature. The range falls between 24 and 28°C (75.2-82.4°F). As for picking the filtering system, the opinions are strongly divided - but some fishkeepers recommend a standard external filter. Make sure the fish has a place to hide. For this purpose, put different plants in the tank. Floating plants are a good choice - they provide a good shelter for the fish.

What does the opaline gourami eat?

The opaline gourami aren’t picky eaters. Their diet can vary, and the fish like eating the following types of food:

  • dry,
  • frozen,
  • living,
  • plant-based.

You can find food for the opaline gourami in basically any pet store, or order it online. Keep in mind the adult fish can treat small fry as their food.

What does the opaline gourami eat?

The opaline gourami - diseases

Are you wondering how to care for the opaline gourami? The diseases this species can suffer from are typical and well known to every fishkeeper. They can be a result of the wrong water temperature, as well as high water pollution because of an ineffective filter.

The opaline gourami lifespan

The three spot gourami lives exceptionally long if provided with proper conditions. Some fish live even 10 years in captivity. The average lifespan of the opaline gourami is 8 years. Why is keeping a few opaline gouramis recommended? They are fairly easy to breed. Just make sure there’s a male and two females of the same species in one tank. In this case, you can expect spawning.

Where to buy an opaline gourami?

The opaline gourami can be purchased in most pet shops. Because the fish is easy to breed, many private breeders offer them online.

How much does the opaline gourami cost?

Thanks to the high popularity of the species, the three spot gouramis are very cheap. The prices might differ, depending on the type. As for the opaline gourami, expect to pay $3-$5 for one fish. But there are more expensive offers as well.

How much does the opaline gourami cost?

📍 How to recognize the gender of the opaline gourami?

You can easily differentiate your opaline gouramis. Males have characteristic pointy dorsal fins. The anal fins are orange on the edges. Females are smaller than males and their stomachs are rounder.

📍 What is the best tank for the opaline gourami?

The opaline gourami needs enough space - therefore, tank size is the most important criterion. 60-70 liters is the minimum capacity. But the best conditions are achieved in 100-liter aquariums. Remember about putting a lot of plants in the aquarium - mostly floating. The fish living in the wild love hiding.

📍 The opaline gourami - what are the recommended tank mates?

The opaline gouramis are quite calm and don't display aggressive behaviors towards other fish. A problem might occur if you put a few types of gourami or two males and one female in one tank. In this case, you might observe conflicts between the fish.