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The Rare Korat Cat - Check Its Unique Pesonality, Lifespan & Needs

The Korat is a small cat. It has a relatively long life-span. The animal might be slightly shy at first, but as it gets to know its caregiver, it quickly opens up. It's not only very friendly, but also playful. The Korat doesn't need any special care, and what's equally important – it's considered highly immune to diseases.

The Rare Korat Cat - Check Its Unique Pesonality, Lifespan & Needs

The Korat – breed’s appearance and origins

The Korat is a cat whose name originated from a region of Thailand. There, cats of this breed were called Si-Siwat, what can be translated as happiness and prosperity. In Thailand, a pair of Korat cats were a traditional gift given to newlyweds – as a symbol of joy and fortune in their new life.

In the 19th century, Korat cats were brought to the United Kingdom, where they were presented for the first time at a cat show. They were described as blue Siamese cats. As one of the few, the breed has only one color. For Korat cats, it’s silver-blue.

The Korat cat has a round head. Because of the curve in the eyebrows area, its shape might resemble a heart. The rounded ears are set on top of the head. The eyes are amber in the cat’s initial life stages. The color changes over time. Typically, they turn green after two years, when the cat fully matures.

The Korat – breed's appearance and origins

The Korat cat – personality

The Korat is known for its shy personality. It can be observed upon meeting a new person for the first time – the animal keeps its distance. Breaking down the barrier requires time. After a few days, the cat is eager to spend time with its new caregiver.

The Korat cat treats one person specially by showing them unusual affection. At the same time, it needs a lot of attention. The cat feels great when being in the spotlight, but doesn’t tend to bother anyone, as some exotic cat breeds do.

The Korat cat – personality

How does the Korat cat react to other animals?

The Korat cats don’t like solitude. If you know your lifestyle will force you to leave the cat alone for several hours a day, you should make sure the animal has company. Another cat is the best option. Thanks to this, both cats can spend some time playing together while you’re away.

The Korat also tolerates dogs, provided that they don’t bark a lot.

Is the Korat a cat for everyone?

The Korat is a perfect cat for everyone. It’s exceptionally affectionate and eager to play. But note that the breed dislikes solitude, and leaving the cat alone for numerous hours is not recommended.

These cats love peaceful places, which means they don’t feel good in noisy, crowded areas. One can surely say it’s a family pet, but it only tolerates older children who don’t scream in its presence.

Is the Korat a cat for everyone?

How to care for Korat cats?

Because the Korat doesn’t have underfur, it’s very easy to groom. As a big advantage, the cat basically doesn’t shed. Regardless, make sure to brush the pet thoroughly at least twice a week.

Brushing the cat’s fur helps remove dead hair and takes care of the pet’s health.

Remember to trim the cat’s claws once per month. To do this, use specially designed clippers for cats. Also, make sure to control the Korat’s mouth and teeth. For daily hygiene, you can use special liquids, brushes, or finger wipes – such products are available in most pet shops.

How to care for Korat cats?

Does the Korat need a special diet?

The Korat cat is a carnivore, so meat-based products are obligatory in its diet. Raw meat helps maintain healthy teeth, so you can include it in the cat’s menu. Usually, continuing the diet adopted by the breeder is recommended, which concerns mainly the type of cat food. If you want to change the brand, it’s good to consult it with a veterinarian.

When feeding the cat, make sure to match the amount of food with the cat’s weight and age. Kittens should be fed more frequently, which allows them to develop properly without burdening their digestive systems. As they age, you can decrease the number of meals, and make them richer.

The Korat – common health problems and diseases

The Korat cat is a quite ancient breed, shaped over centuries. Because of this, these animals are considered ones of the least vulnerable to various diseases. It doesn’t mean, though, that they are always healthy and immune to all illnesses. GM1 and GM2 gangliosidoses are the most commonly occurring ailments. They cause fat-sugar cells to accumulate in the cat’s brain. It directly triggers changes in the nervous system.

The symptoms of the mentioned disease appear in the third month of the Korat kitten’s life. That’s when one can observe seizures, vision issues, imbalance and trouble with mobility, or atypical for this breed aggressive behavior.

What are common diseases the Korat cat might suffer from?

The Korat cat – what’s its lifespan?

The Korat is considered a long-living breed. These cats live from 12 to even 18 years on average. Note that in some cases, cats of this breed live even longer than the upper limit of the mentioned range. Everything depends on the animal’s health and how it’s taken care of.

The Korat cat – price for a purebred kitten

The Korat is not the most expensive cat breed. If you decide on a purebred animal, prepare to spend from $500 to $800. The prices for Korat kittens differ depending on the individual breeder and the cat’s pedigree.

The Korat cat – the price for a purebred kitten

📍 What is Korat?

The Korat is a cat from Thailand. It's considered a lucky animal there. Cats of this breed are small and have a delicate, short fur. They are long-living cats of a calm personality.

📍 How much does a Korat kitten cost?

The Korat is not the most expensive breed. The price depends on the particular breeder, though. If you want to buy such an animal, prepare to spend at least $500. It's a relatively cheap cat to keep, about $40 per month will suffice to meet all the needs of your pet.

📍 What do Korat cats eat?

The Korat doesn't need any special diet. But you can continue the feeding style started by the breeder. If you want to change the type of food, consult it with a veterinarian. The number and size of the meals should match the animal's age and weight. Note that dry cat food is richer in calories than wet food.

📍 How long do Korat cats live?

The Korat belongs to the group of long-living cats. On average, they live from 12 to about 18 years. Of course, it's not a rule, and the lifespan of your Korat cat depends on several factors. What matters is how you care for the cat, whether it suffers from any diseases and what is included in its diet.