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Wonderful German Shepherd - Temperament and Breed Needs

German shepherd is a very dynamic and collected breed. They are considered very loyal dogs, and if well trained, they are perfect companions for small children. If you are wondering whether a German shepherd is the right dog for you, check the characteristics of the breed and learn how to take care of the dog.

Wonderful German Shepherd - Temperament and Breed Needs

What are the characteristics of a German shepherd?

A German shepherd is one of the sheepdog breeds. According to the classification, it’s a guard dog, wolf-like type. The typical coating is black, black-and-tan or brown. There is also a unique Swiss shepherd, which is basically a white German shepherd.

German shepherd temperament

Initially, a German shepherd was a breed used for herding sheep. In time, people began using the dogs for property guarding and for searching. German shepherd became popular as police, and then therapeutic dogs. Currently, the breed is often used as a guide dogs.

German shepherd temperament

German shepherds are joyful, brave and active dogs. They are also very confident and have a good instinct.

A German shepherd is a perfect family dog - under certain conditions. It must be trained from the beginning. It also needs a daily dose of exercise.

A German shepherd - coloration of the breed

German shepherds have typically short, black or tan coating. There are exceptions - one might encounter a white German shepherd, although it is quite rare.

It is worth noting that the white Swiss shepherd, considered a German shepherd, is a regular breed.

According to the official classification, a white Swiss shepherd is considered a separate breed. Nevertheless, the breed undoubtedly descends from the popular German shepherd and might be considered simply a white German shepherd.

A German shepherd - coloration of the breed

Is a German shepherd right for me?

A German shepherd is an excellent choice if you lead an active life and love sport. In this case, the dog will be a perfect companion for everyday runs or bike riding. It is recommended to choose this type of dog only if you live in a house with plenty of space around. This way, the dog can freely run around.

A German shepherd is not recommended if you live in an apartment block, work a lot and spend all the time away from home. In this case, the dog cannot release its energy, which poses a risk of gaining weight and related illnesses.

If you want to adopt a dog while living in an apartment - check small breeds. They are much better in this case. Also, check what are the needs of a puppy - make sure to get the right supplies and choose the right dog bed.

German shepherd diet

Because German shepherds are very active dogs, they need a properly balanced diet. Interestingly enough, it shouldn’t be composed only of meat. Apart from this, the dog needs enough carbohydrates and vitamins.

What does a German shepherd eat?

  • protein-rich meat - best if cooked
  • cooked sea fish
  • groats
  • pasta
  • rice
  • vegetables
  • fruit
  • cottage cheese

A German shepherd can eat raw meat but only if it comes from a trusted source. You can feed it e.g. liver in this form.

From time to time, the dog can be also fed bones - to take care of its teeth. Make sure not to give them to often, as it might result in constipation.

Because a German shepherd has a sensitive stomach, greasy foods are not recommended. They might result in serious issues and diarrhea.

German shepherd diet

How to take care of a German shepherd?

The coating is the basic issue when it comes to taking care of a German shepherd. It should be groomed regularly to avoid tangling. However, that’s not everything the owner has to remember.

Cutting the dog’s claws is highly important - they grow fast. If you don’t know how to do it, leave it to a specialist. If you are visiting a dog groomer, consider asking for cleaning the dog ears as well.

Do not forget about bathing. It’s recommended to repeat it at least twice a month. Use special products - you can purchase them at every pet store.

Wipe the German shepherd’s fur delicately using a towel and leave it to dry naturally. Do not use a hair dryer. Also, don’t take the dog outside if its fur is still wet - it concerns fall, winter and early spring, when temperatures are low.

How to take care of a German shepherd?

📍 How long do German shepherds live?

A German shepherd is a breed living from 9 to 13 years. It all depends on the conditions they are kept, the diet they are fed and how much exercise they are provided.

📍 How much should a 4-month German shepherd eat?

The feeding recommendations are typically available on every dog food packaging. You can also ask a veterinarian for help. As for the frequency of feeding - it might be even 4 times a day. You should also consult it with a specialist.

📍 How much does a German shepherd cost?

A German shepherd cost depends on what type of breed you choose. The cost of a certified dog might vary from state to state.

📍 How much does a German shepherd weigh?

An adult German shepherd weighs from 20 to 40 kilograms. Females are much lighter than males, sometimes even by half.