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Golden Retriever - Breed's Characteristics, Needs and Cost

Golden retrievers belong to the family of pointing dogs. They have a very mild and friendly attitude, so they are a perfect choice for families, especially those with small children. Because of the muscular silhouette and big size, the golden retriever needs a lot of space to feel comfortable. This animal feels best in a house, so it's not a recommended breed for apartments. A proper doze of exercise is very important as well. Check the characteristics of golden retrievers, learn their average lifespan and what kind of care they need.

Golden Retriever - Breed's Characteristics, Needs and Cost

Golden retriever - temperament and personality

Golden retrievers are very gentle dogs of a calm temperament. That’s why they are popular among families with small children. The four-legged companions are not aggressive at all towards them. Quite the opposite - they accompany their humans everywhere, and are very obedient.

Golden retriever puppies need a very gentle training. They are extremely intelligent, so they quickly guess what you expect from them. They learn fetching with ease. These dogs are perfect for playing outside.

What does a golden retriever look like?

The golden retriever is a quite muscular animal - just like the German shepherd or Caucasian ovcharka. Depending on age, adult dogs can have up to 60 centimeters and weigh up to 45 kilograms. Males are a bit larger and heavier than females, but their body shapes are similar.

What does a golden retriever look like?

Golden retriever care - what do they need?

Golden retrievers have quite a long and thick hair. Shedding is a natural process, and therefore, the coat has to be groomed regularly. Thanks to this, the fur won’t get tangled.

The dogs love playing in water. Make sure to dry the fur before brushing. This way, the brush doesn’t tug, and you protect the animal from unnecessary pain.

Just like with other dogs, golden retrievers need to get their teeth checked and claws cut regularly. We recommend asking an expert to do it for you.

Golden retriever care - what do they need?

Does the golden retriever need a lot of exercise?

The golden retriever is a breed that needs a lot of exercise to keep a good shape. Everyday walks are crucial. But just letting the dog run around the yard is not enough. Make sure to take it to an open space where it can freely run and let out any emotions.

What do golden retrievers eat?

The golden retriever’s diet is not very complicated, but one has to make sure to pick the right food. If you take a puppy, it’s best to consult feeding with an expert. Picking the right food full of vitamins and nutrients can protect the animal against stomach issues.

What do golden retrievers eat?

Golden retriever - what are the most common diseases?

Golden retrievers are resistant to diseases. Eye and hip issues are the only threats to this breed. If you visit a veterinarian regularly, you can prevent serious problems.

What is the best leash for a golden retriever?

A well-matched leash is crucial for this breed. It has to be able to tame the golden retriever’s temperament - even if it’s just a puppy. Automatic leash is perfect for this purpose. It adjusts to the dog’s needs and is very convenient for the owner.

📍 Golden retriever - what is its lifespan?

The golden retriever is a relatively long-living dog. It can easily live up to 10-12 years.

📍 How much does a golden retriever cost?

Golden retrievers might be expensive. A lot depends on the breeder and the quality they provide. Best breeders offer tests and certificates confirming that the dog is healthy - this increases the price.

📍 Golden retriever - how many times a day should I feed the dog?

Golden retriever puppies need the most frequent feeding, even 4 times a day. Adult dogs typically eat twice a day. This doesn't include training snacks.